Crafts for grown ups

I started this blog as a place to talk about activities I am doing with my toddler but I seem to be doing quite a lot of craft activities for him rather than with him. So I thought I would compile these on a separate page for those who are interested in the craft stuff.
Lazy cake decorating
Jelly worms
Alium spring flower craft
Walnut boats
Knitted baby hat
Knitted sling
knitting nancy reindeer candy cane covers
Knitting Nancy skipping rope
Autumn Tree decorations
Solar System Mobile
Frilly reversible dolls dress tutorial
DIY colouring book
home made birthday gifts for toddlers
craft foam farm
DIY babycarrier wrap
Toddler shirt
Damien Hirst inspired butterfly canvas
Waldorf Inspired Mermaid Doll tutorial
Montessori Mobile
Painted Easter Eggs
Felt leaf mobile
Lower Case BeanBag tutorial
Needle felt daffodil and leek
Felt Gnome Home and bag
Waldorf Doll: Boy hair tutorial
Photo frames and dinky dollies
Wet Felting Tutorial (one beginner to another)
Waldorf Doll
Knitted Bunny tutorial
Needle Felt Gnome Tutorial
Home made gnome counting game
Dinky Dolly
Winter tree
Mummy's hat
Felt Balls - wet felting and needle felting
Needle Felt Snails
Christmas Decorations: Needle Felt Acorn tutorial 
More Needle Felting
Story dice and button turtle
Needle Felting
Waldorf Window Decoration 
Button Practice Peacock
Fairy Garden
DIY teepee
Rainbow rice
Paper Mache bowls
Felt Counting fish
Alphabet Bean bags
Story Stones
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