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Friday, 2 March 2012

Beautiful day at the beach

(Goblin is 28 months)
Yesterday was St David's Day and Goblin and I went with Nanny to visit Poppy's grave. This should probably have been quite a somber affair but nothing ever is with Goblin in tow. He insisted that Nanny let him use the trowel to plant a narcissus on Poppy's grave, before proceeding to try and dig at some of the other burial mounds. While I am sure Poppy would have had a good chuckle at his grandson's antics, I'm not sure what anyone else might have thought so it was just as well that we were able to divert Goblin's energies with a run along the beach that is right next to the green burial site.
We hadn't really intended to go for a potentially wet and muddy walk so I hadn't brought any change of clothes. But Goblin didn't let that stop him. He pretty much made a bee line for the sea as soon as we got down onto the beach.
And boy was it muddy. At one point I was worried I might lose a shoe. Because Goblin is lighter than me and Nanny he was able to walk out onto bits where we just sank in the mud. I spent significant amounts of time coaxing Goblin back from the shore edge with "interesting" rocks and stones - anything to stop him wading further out of my reach into what was effectively a clay marsh.
Thankfully a trowel and a rock pool is all the entertainment Goblin needs and he busied himself digging in the mud while Nanny had a rest.
Goblin and Clarrie the dog then proceeded to hurtled up and down the beach with me chasing them (mainly to take photos!).
At one point Clarrie disappeared up a sandy cliff edge and Goblin looked like he would follow.
As you can see from this picture there is quite a lot of coastal erosion and I was rather concerned that a small boy 'hoofing it' up a cliff might bring the whole thing crashing down on our heads. So again to try and distract him I started planting things in the sand and writing stuff. It made for great photos even if Goblin was still busy trying to scale the cliff with the dog.
Eventually Clarrie came back down onto the beach and Goblin was satisfied to follow her around and get about as wet and filthy as he possibly could. At this point he is "making food" with the clay soil and sand.
The photo of his trousers doesn't quite capture the full glory of how gross they were getting because it doesn't show the fact that they were also wringing wet with sea water. At one point he actually tried to pull them off - which he's never done before - so even he must have concluded that getting soaking wet and sandy wasn't the best plan in the world when we had a half mile walk back to the car.
 But it was a reasonably sunny day and he wasn't cold so neither of us were too worried. 
 We do love the beach!

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

St David's Day - Leek Tart

(Goblin is 28 months)
Happy St David's day. 
Goblin and I cooked a leek tart today to take to Nanny's house. It was super yummy so I am going to share the recipe. You will need
2 eggs
3 leeks
short crust pastry
150g (5 - 10 fl oz) cream/creme fresh or Quark

I cut the leeks the night before. If you have a child who is old enough to use a sharp knife they can do this bit but I thought there was probably a bit too much risk of a trip to A+E if I let Goblin try.  Fry the leeks - Don't let them turn brown. 
I also lined the 12 inch baking tray with ready rolled frozen short crust pastry (because I am incredibly lazy) and blind baked the pastry (for 10 minutes) the night before, in order to let it cool. To blind bake it you need to weigh down the pastry. I used tin foil filled with spilt peas. 
Goblin mixed the two eggs and the Quark (we use quark because its fat free and the cheesyness adds flavour, but you could use cream or creme fresh). Then we added the leeks and mixed that too. You can add salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg as you wish, but we kept ours unseasoned.
We filled the pastry base with the mixture and popped it in the oven for 30 minutes at 190C (365F gas mark 5).
 And this is what it looked like when it came out - YUM!

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

St David's Day - Eisteddfod

(Goblin is 28 months)
(taken from Google images search on Eisteddfod)
No I did not just mash the keyboard when writing the title of this post. The Welsh language has an uncanny number of consonants next to consonants and words that look like you just made a major typo. But it is an unbelievably lovely language. It sounds like the Elfin spoken by Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings. This is because the Welsh language was Tolkien's inspiration.

The word in the title Eisteddfod describes the Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. It is a tradition on St David's Day for Welsh schools to hold an Eisteddfod showcasing their children's singing, poetry and theatricals. They also get a half day off.

Dragon, Goblin's super cute Welsh cousin has been practicing a song for his Eisteddfod tomorrow, and he has honoured us with a sneak preview. Dragon even does a bit of dancing.

The song goes:
Un bys, dau bys, tri bys yn dawnsio
Pedwar bys, pump bys, chwe bys yn dawnsio
Saith bys, wyth bys, naw bys yn dawnsio
deg bys yn dawnsio'n llon!

Which means:
1 finger, 2 finger, 3 fingers dancing
4 fingers, 5 fingers, 6 fingers dancing
7 fingers, 8 fingers, 9 fingers dancing
10 fingers dancing merrily!

To hear more beautiful Welsh language being sung you can check out The Gentle Good at The Sound Cloud. My favourite is Llosgi Pontydd

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

St David's Day - Welsh Rarebit and Banana bread

(Goblin is 28 Months)
This morning as I was getting ready for work I moaned to Hublet that I had nothing to post today for my St David's day activity week. Being a super awesome husband, halfway through the day Hublet sent me a proposed post. I loved it so much I am posting it completely unedited. Enjoy!

Greetings interwebbers, Hublet here (should that be upper or lower case, is it my name?).
Monko has been trying to do Welsh blogging for St David's day and as the one with an actual Welsh background I thought I ought to contribute.

I considered something dragon based but watching "How to Train your Dragon" didn't sound too productive and playing "Dungeons and Dragons" was a bit advanced for now.

I tried getting Goblin to draw dragons but he just shouted for diggers.

So we did our normal thing and went to the kitchen.

Today's cooking was going to be banana cake and Welsh rarebit.  Neither is particularly Welsh but they taste good and one has Welsh in the name....

Unfortunately Goblin was not feeling cooperative.  I didn't manage to get any pictures of cake production as all Goblin would do is eat the bananas while watching me weigh and mix.
He got through 3 and his only contribution was to dump a tonne of flour into the bowl forcing me to bulk out the recipe.  
Here he is playing with a jigsaw while I bake.  I used the same "recipe" from the other post.

The end result was good though and he liked eating it.

At the same time, we started on the Welsh rarebit.

Here are the ingredients: 

Butter (50g ish)
Plain Flour (50g ish)
Beer - non alcoholic in this case (200ml ish)
Cheese - (a lump)
Bread - sliced
Worcester sauce - pronounced "wuh-stuh" with glottal stops, not "Wore-sester-shayer"

Try to convince Goblin to grate cheese.  Wait while he munches on the lump of cheese, despair as he starts working on eating the whole block.  Grate cheese yourself.
Try to convince Goblin to weigh flour or butter.  Goblin ignores you and continues eating an inhuman quantity of cheese.

Bring out steps so Goblin can watch while the sauce is made.  Attempt to lure Goblin up steps with more cheese.

Give up on involving toddler as he is only interested in cheese.

Set up Goblin in the garden with his sand pit:
Melt butter in saucepan.

Slowly add in flour until a thick roux is made.

Add in beer slowly, while mixing

Add in grated cheese and Worcester sauce and mix while it melts.
Pour onto bread

Grill (I know different countries use this word differently, I mean put it underneath a heat source, not over a bed of white hot charcoal)

Feed to Goblin

That wasn't so Welsh in the end, but Goblin got to eat a load of Welsh cheese I suppose.

Is there supposed to be a moral, or lesson to these things?  My lesson is to accept that toddlers will disregard all your plans, and always buy extra ingredients in case yours get eaten during production.  

Also stay in school and don’t do drugs.  Nor should you do drugs outside school either.
There are two lessons.  One:  Don’t do drugs.  Two:  Stay in school.  They aren’t reliant on each other.

Unless you are homeschooled.
Or an adult
Or maybe have a medical condition which requires treatment.
Or the school is on fire.

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