Monday 24 October 2011

Rainy Day Activities - Part 2: Foam pictures

(Goblin is 24 months)
Our holiday home doesn't have much in the way of craft supplies but fortunately while in Tesco yesterday I popped some foam sheets in the trolley. They were about 15 sheets for 99p. I couldn't find the Tesco brand online but you can pick them up in Hobby craft.
In case you didn't know, foam sheeting when wet will stick to windows. Last night I sat in front of the TV and cut out animal shapes. 
This morning when Goblin was looking for something to do I presented him with these animals and a bowl of water and popped them down in front of one of the big patio doors. Goblin was really excited. He went through and named all the animals. I was quite chuffed that he recognised them from my dodgy freehand cut outs. 
I realised after he'd been playing with them for a while that I had some counting opportunities. There was 1 snake; 2 pigs; 3 horses; 4 chickens; 5 ducks.
If I hadn't been distracted by watching The West Wing, I might have thought about the counting opportunities and carried on with increasing numbers of animals. But instead I made 1 pond; 2 tractors; 2 cats; 2 clouds; 3 bits of grass; 1 sun; and 1 moon. Maybe I'll do some more tonight. 
Even Hublet seemed to like playing with them. 


  1. Ray, you're so arty - the foam shapes are brilliant. If I was sitting there in front on the TV I wouldn't have made anything, and definitely not anything that resembled animals and tractors. I love it! You should make templates for people to use that may be less creative.

  2. Really great idea. I have been looking at my foam squares for years that I purchased for $.99 - now I have a plan! Thank you.

  3. Wow! Those are awesome! I can't believe you cut them yourself--very cool.


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