Monday 24 October 2011

Rainy Day Activities - Part 1: Hide and Seek

(Goblin is 24 months)
We are in Wales this week for a holiday, but unfortunately both Hublet and I have horrendous colds and Goblin is just recovering from his. He is still a bit forlorn and is tending to have an out of character melt down at the slightest thing, so not sure how relaxing this holiday will be. Add to this the fact the weather over night has changed from this:
To this:
And you can see why today was challenging to say the least. 
However, against the odds we managed to find an activity that entertained us all. Hide and seek kept Goblin happy for a good 45 minutes. And Hublet and I were entertained by how incredibly bad he is at it! Its weird because he is so observant usually. He'll be the one to spot the tractor on the shelf behind the TV presenter. He'll be sitting there shouting "tractor" at the TV and I will be saying "there isn't a tractor", and of course there is. Incidentally I don't do that any more, if he says there is a tractor, fire engine, motor bike or plane you can pretty much guarantee there will be one somewhere. It may just be a badge on someone's bag or a tiny oil painting in the far corner of a room but he'll spot it. So I was somewhat bemused at how completely useless he was at finding me and Hublet when we hid in quite obvious places. 
This was Hublet's first attempt at hiding (we soon realised that this is not hiding in plain sight). Despite the huge bulge in the curtain and the very obvious feet Goblin came out of the door, did not see the curtain bulge, looked through the conservatory doors that the curtains edge, and only spotted the feet when I pointed them out to him. (Now I don't usually like over punctuation but I think a '!!!!' would not be out of place here). 
So I tried to hide in a more obvious place. Look at Goblin's confused face. There is an identical chair next to the table he is standing on that does not have a cushion 'floating' two feet off the chair base. 
So Hublet went for the really really obvious and thankfully Goblin did spot him straight away, although working out how to get to him took a bit longer. 
Then Goblin hid. I helped him because he wouldn't stay in his hiding place while Hublet counted to ten. What was really funny is that he didn't really get the concept of hiding. He wanted to watch Hublet search, so Hublet had to pretend he couldn't see him while he searched the rest of the room. But Goblin thought Hublet was struggling so he climbed over the back of the chair and shouted "we're here, we're hiding".  
Goblin was then quite confused because Mummy and Daddy were doubled up laughing for quite a while. 
What I did discover was Goblin enjoyed the counting to ten, and as he did it every time either with me or with Hublet he got quite good at telling us what number came next (up to five at least). 

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