Saturday 18 May 2013

The Sunday Parenting Party - the Parenting Smug list

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Its time for the Sunday Parenting Party. Please link up your parenting posts and check out what others have linked up. Please don't link kids activity posts, they can be shared at Kids Coop.
Last week I shared with you one of my disaster mornings when everything got a bit too much and I felt like I was battling my child. When I've had a bad moment, hour, morning or day I sometimes need to remind myself of the good things that are going on. 
On a good day just looking at my sons little face or listening to him babble away will make me smile and I know exactly why I love being a parent. But its not so easy when your child is busy wigging out on the floor and you are at the end of your tether. 
At times like that I need something a bit more tangible. So I look for all the issues we could have, but don't. 
And I list them:
  • Well thank goodness he doesn't refuse to eat.
  • Well thank goodness he sleeps through the night.
  • Well thank goodness he doesn't ever say he's bored.
  • Well thank goodness he can play on is own. 
I call this my "Smug list" because lets face it, it relies on you knowing what other parents are having to suffer through and being grateful that you aren't having to deal with that on top of what ever trauma you are facing today. 
Do you have a mental parenting smug list - whats on yours?
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  1. Some of mine are caveated :-)

    Well thank goodness she doesn't refuse to eat meat, fish, cheese, pasta, rice, bread - (fruit & veg not so good)
    Well thank goodness she sleeps through the night although sometimes in my bed - (when there are monsters in her room)
    Well thank goodness she never gets bored except sometimes at meal times when she demands spontaneous stories

    Thanks for the party xxx

  2. Ok, first, I actually giggled when you said 'wigging out' which I haven't actually heard in ages, but now I miss it and will be borrowing. :)

    Also, do you think it's in our DNA to constantly worry that the one thing our child does that drives us bonkers is going to determine every aspect of his life from this moment forward? I find myself constantly focusing on the silliest things and then reflecting on how amazing my son actually is later when he's asleep and we've spent a good part of the day struggling.

    Anyway, just so I can join the fun since I've been slacking on the parenting blog topics lately, here's my list:

    thank goodness he's kind to people of all ages and animals
    thank goodness he has wonderful manners and can carry on a conversation with anyone
    thank goodness he loves to snuggle and still wants to be near me most of the time


  3. Parenting is the ultimate yin and yang!

  4. I love your smug list, we all need to keep one handy!!

  5. I love this idea of a "Smug List!" Unfortunately with 3 kids, I think we have nearly everything covered by one kid or another! LOL But I can usually say that "at least my kids are all pretty healthy!" I mean... a flu, an allergy, a cough here and there are really nothing when you put it in perspective. Thanks for the reminder, Mama!

  6. At least he's cute (someone sure knew what was what when making kids so stinking cute).
    At least he doesn't do this in public (I'll leave that to your imagination).
    At least there is only one of him.

    1. Ha ha at least he doesn't do that in public - priceless

  7. My smug list would kids are great pretty much most f the time. My challenge? laundry.

  8. I love this linky. Delighted to be able to join in.

  9. Perfect timing for me to read this post -- I need to do a smug list. Since we got back from a week long trip to visit family (which dad could not join us on), the boys have been a bit out of sorts. Plus, my laptop died during the trip, so I have been out of sorts too! We still have not had a night where they both have slept through the whole night. I am one tired mama, so I think your tip of a smug list is perfect! Though they may not be sleeping through the night right now, my 3 year-old can spell his name and spell Mom and Dad and deeply and intensely loves his grandma -- my most immediate smug thoughts! And my almost 2 year-old never fails to make me laugh with this amazing sense of humor he has developed recently. Joy -- I needed that. Thanks!


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