Tuesday 21 May 2013

Kentwell May day

(Goblin is 43 months)

To celebrate May day this year we took Goblin to Kentwell Hall in Suffolk to see a reenactment of Tudor life. We took Goblin to the hall last summer and he loved running about in the huge grounds of the manor. This year we are planning to take part in the main summer reenactment so we wanted to Get Goblin used to being there. 
We needn't have worried. Goblin was in his element running all over the place exploring every inch of the manor and its woodland. But what was particularly pleasing was how interested he was in what the re-enactors were doing. He asked lots of questions of everyone he came across.
He also helped decorate the May tree, and chatted with "tudor" children handing out the flags for the May day parade. We had been concerned that he wouldn't like the parade because he isn't keen on loud noises.
But he loved the parade and joined in dancing and singing and running along beside the "Tudor players". I think the only problem with taking him to participate in the summer will be getting him to leave at the end of the event.
If you would like to visit the summer Tudor reenactment at Kentwell hall you need to visit on one of the weekends between 15th June and 7th July, unless you are a homeschooler, in which case you can visit on a special homeschoolers day on Wednesday 3rd July. Ironically you won't find the homeschool day advertised on the regular Kentwell hall website, its on the schools website.
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  1. Sounds really fun and educational all wrapped up into one! Glad Goblin enjoyed himself!

  2. Booking a flight now! :) How wonderful does that experience look? Love it.

  3. That is funny about the homeschool day info! So glad Goblin enjoyed it all, looks like a lot of fun & thanks for joining in the latest link up too.

  4. What a lovely day out! I can see Goblin had a great time joining in with all that was going on, which will be a relief for you in respects to the impending summer event. You have some lovely photos from the day, I particularly like the one where Goblin seems to be in a secret garden - thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Looks like a great time was had and the Tudor players look fab. Glad Goblin had such fun x


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