Thursday 23 May 2013

Kids Coop - butterfly art

The Weekly Kids Co-Op
Its Kids Coop, please link up your child orientated posts and check out what others are up to. This week I'm linking up the following:
(Goblin is 43 months)
We have been raising butterflies with Goblin. This year he has taken a lot of interest, asking every day to see the caterpillars. We let our butterflies go a few days after they hatched from their chrysalis.  Goblin watched as they flew away. The next morning I left him an invitation to paint, to discover when he woke up. 
I showed Goblin how to paint on one side of the of the butterfly and fold it over to make the same pattern on the other side. But as with many of out painting activities Goblin took his art in his own direction. Can you tell which is his?
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  1. Shhpooky because I did butterfly painting with The Boy yesterday and he loved it!

    Thanks for the marvellous linky.

  2. I love your butterfly activities. I keep thinking I will throw a Hungry Caterpillar party and do caterpillar and butterfly art activities. These would be great ones.

  3. I love how big your butterflies are. They look great! Thanks for a great linky.

  4. Beautiful butterflies! And I LOVE your pinnable image with the sunlight coming in - GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing on TGIF! I hope you pop over and link up again today.

    Have a great weekend,
    Beth =)


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