Thursday 16 May 2013

Kids Coop - Ginger bread letters

The Weekly Kids Co-Op
It's Kids Coop. Please link up your child related posts and check out what others have been up to. This week I'm looking the following:
(Goblin is 43 months)
Goblin has started to take a bit of an interest in letters. I think this has come from nursery where they are trying to get the children to recognise the lets of their name. As a result any time he sees a word beginning with the first letter of his name he says "that word says 'Goblin'". He doesn't quite understand that the letters can make different words that aren't his name. But it's a start. 
I wanted to do some activities at home that would build on this interest, but Goblin can spot a mile off if I try to ram classic education techniques down his throat. And he just won't engage, its of no interest to him. So I have to find ways of incorporating letters into our normal play.
We do a lot of baking so I decided we could make ginger bread letters. We were going to visit friends and we made biscuits for each of the children in the shape of the letter for their name. 
We didn't use biscuit cutters. Instead be cut the letters out with a knife so they were bigger than nornal. 
When we got to the friends house I got Goblin to hand them out, thus having to match letter to name off child.
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