Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Imperial War Museum Duxford

(Goblin is 43 months)
With the weather improving we've been doing more outdoor outings. Recently we took Goblin to Duxford Imperial War Museum. It is not a cheap day out. Tickets for adults are £17 each. Having said that I hadn't appreciated how enormous Duxford is. You could easily spend an entire day there with hanger after hanger of amazing planes, land vehicles, radar and radio equipment, and informed volunteers on hand to explain stuff enthusiastically.
There are lots of exhibits with buttons and levers so children can interact - although some of them aren't exactly at the right height for little kids. We managed to show Goblin some of the science of aircrafts using fans and control panels.
For older kids this is a wonderful place to learn a bit about WWII, but Goblin is a bit young to be burdened with that so we stuck to the engineering and science side of the learning.
And there are things for the adults to drool over too. Hublet was very excited to find the Blackbird - the fastest manned aircraft and heights flying aircraft ever. Even I was rather impressed by how beautiful its engines were.
The museum hangers sit along side a light aircraft runway. So when you aren't ogling the old planes you can watch the little ones taking off.
As Goblin's vehicle obsession has extended to planes over the past few months this was a pretty perfect day out for us. And the open outdoor space meant he could have a but of a run between hangers so he didn't get too antsy.

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  1. Looks like a great outing, and fantastic last pic! We go to the defence force open day here each year and the kids love checking out the planes and helicopters :-)

  2. i love your pictures. My son would love it there! fabulous

  3. Oh yes this is cool even if rather expensive. Glad it was worth the pennies. My wee man is just getting into cars and aeroplanes now so he would enjoy something like this!

  4. What a great family day out, with plenty for children of all ages. Although expensive it looks like you would get your monies worth by spending a whole day there! Thanks for linking up to Country Kids.


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