Thursday 28 March 2013

Kids Coop - Needle felted Easter eggs

Its time for Kids Coop. Please link up your kids activity posts and check out what others have been up to this week. Don't forget to leave comments if you like what you see. This week I'm linking  the following:
(Goblin is 41 months)
I've seen some great ideas for felt Easter eggs including the wonderful creations at The Magic Onions and some cute wet and needle felt creations at The Tiny Funnel which I discovered thanks to MollyMoo. But if you are feeling a little lazy and pressed for time I have a great way to make beautiful eggs that takes less than half an hour. 
 Basically you cheat. Instead of creating the whole egg out of felt you use a Polystyene Egg as the core.  Then you can rapidly felt colours and shapes onto it - I just bought a Multi needle Pen Style Needle Felting Tool to speed things along even more. 
I hung my finished eggs on my Spring nature tree.

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  1. That's not cheating - that's really clever and looks so nice!
    Happy Easter - hope you have a lovely weekend X

  2. Thanks for hosting! Have a great Easter!

  3. These are really cute, you make it look so easy.


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