Tuesday 26 March 2013

Spring Bunny hunt

(Goblin is 41 months)
I discovered a super cute pattern for 'ickle baby bunnies' on pinterest and traced it back to Mochimochi Land. I made one just to see if I could - it used four double point needles which is quite a challenge for me. 
When I'd finished I gave it to Goblin. He liked it a lot. In fact he liked it so much he said "will you make me lots".
So I did. I discovered I could bash out one and a half spheres in a train ride to work. I spent a week making little bunnies for Goblin.
Then I hid them around our living room and made a map for Goblin to find them.
Once I'd explained the sofa and table he got the idea and quickly was able to see where the other furniture in the picture was and thus find his bunnies.
They were hiding in plain sight. I wasn't sure how good he'd be at using the map so I wanted to make the bunnies pretty obvious. 
Once they were all collected they were ready for some pretend play. Easter Fun!

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  1. How cute :) Wish I could knit now!!

  2. These are so cute :-)

    Was just hopping over to invite you to my new Empty Your Archive link party which is a chance to dust off great parenting and play posts from your archive - would really love to see you there, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  3. These are weirdly cute!! Bet they will provide hours of fun.

  4. Oh this is awesome and I love the lil bunnies too!!

  5. This is cracking me up. Those bunnies are so cute. LOVE the map you made. A bunny hunt!!! Genius.

  6. I love your funny little bunnies. A bunny hunt sounds like fantastic fun.

  7. What a fun idea. I love the little map, and the bunnies are adorable. A fun game!!! Thanks for sharing at Sun Scholars! I am featuring you at this week's For the Kid's Friday link party!!!


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