Thursday 7 March 2013

Kids Coop - Fishy Art

Its time for the Kids Coop. Please link up your child based posts and check out what others have been up to. It would be great if you visited a few and left some comments. This week I'm linking up the following:
(Goblin is 40 months)
While we were on holiday in Wales Goblin started showing a real interest in fish - in the supermarket, on the beach, and watching TV. I took advantage of his self selected topic to do some art with him. 
A lot of our art, especially painting, is very open ended and more about process than product. But this time I made it more directed by cutting craft foam fish shapes for him to paint. When he'd completed the body I got him to choose the colours for the eyes, tail and fins and glue them on.
Its been a while since we did any painting and I was excited to see that Goblin was actually using the brush - he previously would ditch it in favour of hands. 
I painted some fish along side him, and he noticed I was doing stripes and asked me to show him how to do them, I held his hand and showed him how to make a clean line. Then let him try. He made a lovely stripy fish. 
He enjoyed the activity so much that he asked to do it again for the next three days. We made a lot of fish. And over the three days I was able to convince him to mix less paint together - thus avoiding so many brown fish! And to try some more techniques like spots and wiggles. He even asked for a turtle and a tortoise too.
 We stuck the entire aquarium to our art wall when we got home. What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for hosting - love the fish, they look fantastic! Where were you in Wales - thought it looked like the Gower which is one our big faves - Alice

    1. Oh now I am jealous. So many happy memories of Oxwich Bay - quite a lot of them in the rain :-)

  2. Lovely. It really looks like an aquarium with your blue walls.

  3. Oh my, your fish are gorgeous! What a fantastic fishy wall... love them all.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. Oh, what beautiful fish!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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