Friday 8 March 2013

Project 365 - week 10

Colour sorting in the ball pool - no not Goblin, me and Hublet
 A light house boat in Swansea Marina
 Daffodil on St Davids day
 Only his mum could find this adorable, and I do
 Goblin measured himself against a wheel and came up short!
 I started a new routine, running to work - it hurt
I found an interesting splodge on the ceiling at work!

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  1. How on earth did you do that to the balls without them moving around LOL
    Liska xx

  2. Beautiful colours in the balls!
    What's great shot of a flower.
    Euch, that splodge!

  3. What amazing photos!
    I couldn't even begin to say "my favourite is..."!
    Love the daffodil, love the balls, love the impact of the wheel.... you get why I'm struggling?!

  4. Great bunch of photographs! Love the colour co-ordination of the soft play balls. Quite a task. The boat is a very striking shot and love the daff! The wheel behind Goblin is very striking too and love the bubbles. Good luck with your new health regime! I keep meaning to start.....and not sure about that dubious stain there on the ceiling? Yuk?

  5. i so love the fact you colour sorted the ball pool lol

  6. I love the colour sorting in the ball bit. Totally appeals to my OCD tendencies and desire to order the world

  7. the colours in the soft play ball pit remind me of \willy Wonka gobstoppers. and the photo of the boat looks it was taken back in the 70's - it must be the filter you sued maybe? and the 'splodge' looks quite eerie - like whatever is causing it will be coming down for you next lol
    great selection of photos x

  8. Very impressive colour sorting. I think I'd find the mark on the ceiling more worrying than interesting especially as you are seated below it! Good luck with the running - it will get easier.

  9. Great set of photos. Hope nobody was murdered in the office upstairs!!

  10. They are all amazing photos. Love the ball pit one and the one of the boat is stunning. It looks quite vintage.


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