Monday 4 March 2013

A Wonderful week in Wales

(Goblin is 40 months)
Last week we went to Wales for a holiday. The house we stay in is just up the hill from the beach, but as you can imagine, in February its a tad chilly. Still we were determined to get down there and make the most of being by the sea. So we wrapped up warm and headed out. 
The beach is very long and deep and the tide was right out so we were able to investigate the rock pools that had been uncovered.
We found sea anemones and strange things that looked like millipedes and even a few fish.
We had taken our nets down (probably a little optimistic) . Goblin enjoyed running around with it even though we didn't catch anything in it. 
Goblin had specifically said he wanted to find a crab so I was more than a little bit relieved that eventually we found one. I managed to get it to stay still just long enough to take these photos before it scuttled off.
Another lovely thing about the beach is the amazing geology going on (check out the colour of the rocks in the background). We pointed out the rock formations and the way the tectonic plates had shifted the line of rocks up into a curve. He is only three but his brain is like a sponge so we figure we will tell him as much as we can and some of it might stick.
And once we'd done with investigating the rocks and landscape there was still time to do a bit of sand castle building.

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  1. Looks perfect to me, lovely sandcastles too! I like the way you teach goblin as if he were older and I'm sure bits will stick. Just wait till he does geography at school! Hoping you'll join me on Country Kids.

  2. The colors of the rocks are stunning - looks like you had a wonderful time - so glad you found a crab!

  3. Such amazing exploration for your little people! They are lucky. My grandfather was Welsh. I've never been to Wales and have always wanted to go. You're pictures make me want to go more!!

  4. Looks like such a wonderful place to explore no matter what the weather! My girls would be in heaven!!He looks so cute all rugged up!

  5. Brrrr well done for braving the beach! What a great place to explore and such cool finds!

  6. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!!! We have beach trips planed for May and late August and I can hardly wait!!

    Thanks for sharing and please join us again this week at Eco-Kids Tuesday!

  7. looks like you guys had a amazing time. popped across from the Coombe Mill Linky x

  8. We're going to Wales for a week in the summer and must take the boys rock pooling. Looks like you had lots of fun in the outdoors and the photo of the rock strata is fascinating. (belatedly popping over from last week's Country Kids ;) )


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