Thursday 18 October 2012

Kids Co-op

Its time for Kids Co-op, please link up your kid orientated posts and check out what everyone else has been up to. Here is what I am linking up this week:
(Goblin is 36 months)
I know Goblin can recite numbers and I know that he can count small amounts of things - 9 seems to about his limit before he starts going round in circles and repeat counting objects. But I really don't have much of an idea how well he knows his number symbols. So I set up a little game to test it. 
I put 12 disposable cups with the numbers written on the base in a clock shape - I'm trying to use the clock face as often as possible to help him recognise the number by where its positioned. This isn't very Montessori - they recommend separating out cues so for example a montessori number game would have all the numbers the same colour so that the child couldn't 'cheat' by knowing that 5 was blue and 3 was red. They would actually have to recognise the shape of the number. I think this idea of separation is very valid and you can certainly play this game laying the cups out any way you want, but at the moment I don't think Goblin is actually close enough to knowing his number symbols for this to be an issue so I want to give him the 'cheat cues' of the positioning to help him. 
I put biscuits under some of the numbers and then I asked Goblin to find a certain number (the ones with the biscuits). After discovering the first biscuit he was keen to try again, but he struggled to pick up the right numbers. This was really helpful for me to gauge where he is in terms of number recognition  We will do some more casual number work and try again in a month or so and see if he is any better. I wonder if all test results would be higher if you were rewarded with biscuits for right answers!
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  1. I have been admiring your blog, and what a wonderful, massive link up you have! Thanks heaps for the opportunity to share.

  2. I'm linkied out this week, but love your post. I've been playing Wii fit with Bobo and have come to realize he doesn't know his number symbols at all. This is a fun idea.


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