Thursday, 12 April 2012

Kids Co-op Link up (#4 for me)

Yes its that time of the week again, show me what amazing things you've been up to by linking up to Kids Co-op today (or any time until next thursday).

I thought I'd show you some of my and Goblin's handy work first. A while ago I started doing some letter work with Goblin but quickly dropped it because he wasn't very interested and it felt a bit forced. As part of this earlier work we started doing pictures of letters - starting from Z and working backwards. I decided this week that although I didn't want to carry on the more intense letter work it would still be good to have visual aids for the alphabet, so we did some more of the letters of the alphabet pictures.
Here is our V for volcano - the lava is melted crayon shavings. 
This is our X for x-ray made from craft foam.
And this is the one Goblin enjoyed the most - U for under the sea. He stuck all the stickers on the paper - which is why the dolphin is swimming upside down. 
We've stuck our new letters with our previous ones to build up our alphabet along the stairs. That way when we go up to bed, or come down in the morning we can talk about the letters.

Now over to you and your amazing creations.


  1. Your alphabet is wonderful! I especially love V for Volcano. :)

  2. The melted crayons on the"V" for Volcano totally rocks. Thanks for sharing your post on this week's Kids Co-Op Linky! :0)

  3. I've only stumbled across your site recently, but am really enjoying your posts! Love this alphabet project especially - don't you think it would make a brilliant interactive children's book?


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