Sunday 8 January 2012

What to wear for Outdoor Play

(Goblin is 26 months)
Over at Greening Sam and Avery a challenge has been set - Everyday Outdoor Play in 2012. That means getting outside everyday this year, even for just half an hour.

Hublet, Goblin and I say BRING IT ON! Goblin loves being outside so I think the challenge will actually inspire Hublet and I to do more of what he already wants to do.
If you are going out for a while and you don't want to be carrying a cold and whiney toddler its obviously important to wrap them up warm and have outer layers that can keep them dry. Goblin has tried and tested many different outfits. The ones we find best for outdoor adventuring are the following
  • magic gloves - These are easier than regular gloves to get on Goblin's hands because they are really stretchy. They aren't great for wet days but Goblin prefers them to mittens if he is playing in the sand pit. They can be thrown in the washing machine afterwards. 
  • waterproof mittens - mittens are great if Goblin is sitting in the buggy or running. The snow mittens have a zip down the side to make it easier to get his hands in;
  • anoraks - we have two incase he falls in a muddy puddle in one and then wants to go out the same day;
  • furry hat with ear covers and chin straps. They are the only kind of hats that stay on, regular wooley hats pop off within minutes. I took him shopping for a new winter hat recently and the size 3 - 6 years didn't fit him. When Goblin was born I needed an emergency C-section. His head was all pointy where he'd got stuck in my pelvis. The poor boy just has a super giant noggin. He takes after his Dad - "a huge noggin, a virtual planetoid, it has its own weather system";
  • All in one rain suits for not so cold days - these are ok for running around in the rain, and they keep the wind off a bit but they aren't great if Goblin decides to sit in a puddle because the zip goes right between the legs making the bottom part not water tight;
  • a pair of waterproof dungarees - these are fantastic for sitting in puddles and can go over other trousers to be stripped off when you coe indoors;
  • waterproof fleece lined dungarees  - these are for really cold days or days when Goblin decides he wants to go outside in his pyjamas. They can go over other clothes. They are new to our collection so have yet to be tested using the puddle sitting method.
  • Croc wellies - these are great because they are narrower at the ankle than regular wellie boots which means they stay on when he runs. But they do have holes in the side to help you pull them up which are handy but allow water in at a lower level than the top of the boot. The soles are also very chunky so may be more difficult for those less stable on their feet (ie just learning to walk). 
  • Clarks Booty trainers  - these are gortex lined to keep out most of the wet  - they don't keep out puddles though. They are really expensive at Clarks but sells cheaper ones. I think they sell "last seasons" versions.

And of course its not just the child who needs to be warm and dry. As well as my woolly hat and scarf my favourite outdoor attire include

  • Anorak with lots of pockets  - this allows you to carry your own gloves, tissues, keys and phone and still have pockets for toy cars, wipes, biscuits and nappy bags (for wet gloves). 
  • Warm wellies - I always find on really cold days proper wellies can be quite chilly. Mine have fur on the inside but still have the waterproof level needed to go jumping in puddles with Goblin. Although they are not entirely waterproof above the rubber bit so if I know I am going to take him to the sea I wear my normal full length wellies (I learnt this the hard way).
  • Waterproof trousers - These are in no way attractive, but after too many weeks at nature nursery ending with me carrying a tired Goblin back from a muddy walk with his muddy wellies brushing against my thighs, I decided that fashion could take a back seat to practicalities and save me having to throw my jeans in the wash every five seconds. 
  • smart phone gloves - My wonderful gloves bought for me by hublet allow me to work my smart phone with them on. This allows me to take photos of Goblin when we are out without having to get my hands cold. And I confess it also allows me to check facebook while I'm hanging out in the park waiting for Goblin and his little chums to finish on the swings so we can go and have a coffee on my less engaged days!

Can't wait to report on some of our outdoor adventuring in our weatherproof togs. 


  1. Oooo. I didn't know they made smart phone gloves!

    Thanks for your comment at Reading Confetti!

  2. Brilliant list, thanks! I thought of this wryly as I walked home yesterday from the woods in REALLY muddy jeans! Must hunt down my waterproofs. Must look into the magic gloves too. B has some fingerless mittens too which are nice as she can still touch things.

  3. Its always the days I think its too dry to need the waterproof trousers that guarantee Goblin will find the biggest muddiest puddle to fall in.


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