Sunday 6 November 2011

Colour Matching - home made equipment

(Goblin is 24 months)
Goblin can now say most of the colours names. In fact for a while everything was "blue", at the moment everything is "big". Not that everything was actually "blue" or is actually now "big", he is just practicing using the word. He likes saying "yellow" and "purple" and rolls the words round in his mouth. But he still can't match the name of the colour to things that are the actual colour. To help him I made some colour matching equipment. 
These are salt dough bowls painted with Goblin's ready mix paint and varnished with clear varnish. I made them the same way as the Diwali candle holders. And they contain felt acorns made in the same way as the christmas decoration ones.
When Goblin first discovered them on his shelves he was more content just stacking them in the trailer of his push along tractor and riding them round the room. But eventually he took them out and started to play with them. At first he just put handfuls of any colour in any bowl. But when I started to say, "look this is a yellow one, what bowl should it go in", he got the hang of it and put them in the correct bowls. 
He even improved the game by using the sugar tongs which meant as well as colour matching and learning the colour names he was also strengthening his pincer grip. 


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