Wednesday 16 October 2013

Number Ladybirds

(Goblin is 4)
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Goblin is still a little unsure about his number symbols. He also has trouble counting past 13. He tends to jump around a lot in the teens. To help him with both I have been trying to expose him to numbers a bit more. 
One morning after we read Eric Carle's book The Bad-tempered Ladybird I left the above invitation to play for Goblin. I asked him what the numbers said and then we stuck the corresponding numbers on the wings. 

This is the pattern I used in case you want to do similar - one big black oval, and a same sized red oval with the top one third cut off and the bottom sliced down the middle - simples!

I decided to do odd numbers as leaves and even numbers as ladybirds. When I first hung them I tried to do it on a cane, but as you can see it doesn't work great as a number line because the numbers are a nit all over the place. So I took it down and hung it as bunting instead.
This works much better and it hangs over our dinner table so we get a chance to chat about numbers at breakfast.


  1. Cute idea! Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Monko this is such a lovely idea. I'm featuring this on my Tuesday Tots post tomorrow. Thanks so much for linking up!


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