Wednesday 18 September 2013

Number recognition

(Goblin is nearly 4)

Goblin has never shown much interest in numbers, so he still doesn't know what number symbols correspond to which quantity. I've been trying to help him with this by playing a simple number game with him. 

We are using some needle felt gnomes I made (I have a tutorial here) and a big foam die. The game is really simple. We take turns to roll the die and take the gnome that corresponds to the number on it. I only have 5 gnomes (at the moment) so 6 is miss a go (as is rolling one that's already been taken).

I reinforce the numbers by either saying the number as its rolled, or asking Goblin what number he has rolled and what number gnome he is looking for. The winner is the one with the most gnomes.
Goblin really likes this game. He has decided the gnomes are a family, Mummy, Daddy, baby and Granny and Grandpa. If he gets upset about losing, I get the gnomes I have to talk to the gnomes he has and ask if they can come and play. This always turns his frown upside down.

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