Sunday 17 February 2013

Impromptu Adventure

(Goblin is 40 months)
One of the things I love (and sometimes hate) about having a three year old is that regardless of what you plan, they tend to have their own plans. This week I went to pick up Goblin from nursery. The carpark literally backs on to the nursery so its not a big trek. But somehow between collecting Goblin at the door and getting to the car we managed to have a two and a half hour impromptu adventure!
As we rounded the corner into the car park Goblin was saying he wanted to play hide and seek. I was explaining that it was a car park and not a great place to play hide and seek. And then he spotted a path. And off he went. 
I don't know the area around the nursery at all so I followed in hot pursuit in case he suddenly came to a road. But instead we found a wood. Goblin and I both love woods and I don't know who was more excited. We spent quite a while playing trains on the tree branches. 
I made Goblin a crown of ivy but he refused to wear it - he did want to carry it for a while and asked me to make a handle for it. When he got bored of it I decided to wear it. Here is a picture of me admiring my crown, and Goblin disappearing off again in the distance. 
 We carried on down the path, through a few fields and eventually we found some horses.
Goblin stopped for a little chat. He does love animals.
For an unplanned adventure this was pretty amazing. It only had one drawback. Neither Goblin or I were really dressed for the occasion. Goblin's cream trousers may never be the same again!

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  1. What an unexpected but adorable adventure! I love your crown and you wear it so well, I mean that is all seriousness, you look like a woodland mythical princess! Goblin looks delighted with his discovery from Nursery. I think you could be having some long journeys home from now on! A perfect Country Kids post, thank you for linking.

  2. You are such a good mum! I need to allow/do this too (if only the fluffing winter will end!) The area looks awesome! Love the crown :)

  3. Lol! nothing like mud though to show that you have been on a proper adventure. So cool you got to discover something new!

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  5. Good for you for taking the detour. I am working on doing that more with my kids. As a constant scheduler, it has become a lesson in patience (and relaxation) in my life. I love the crown that you earned!


  6. What a wonderful adventure! You found so many wonderful things to see and explore.

  7. How awesome that you're focused on following your son's interests! I love the adventure you both had! Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  8. Brilliant. Shame about the trousers - isn't it always the case that the best adventures often mean being unprepared.

  9. I love that you were open to let the little guy take the lead, and it was a great day it seems! I'm featuring this tomorrow on Eco Kids. It goes perfect with my active kids theme!

    BTW I love your hair!

  10. Such a fun outing! Bunny would have been in Heaven seeing those horses! Thanks for sharing this with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope to see you again today!


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