Thursday 31 January 2013

Kids Co-op - Crayon Cars

Its time for Kids Co-op, please link up your favourite kids posts and check out what others have been up to this week, plenty to inspire you. This week I'm linking the following:
(Goblin is 39 months)

Goblin used to love scribbling when he was tiny but recently he hasn't been keen. Despite always having art supplies out and accessible and changing them up to try and make them inviting he just won't instigate any mark making activity. This is apparently very common in three year old boys (and apparently not so much in three year old girls). I'm not hugely worried about it because I'm sure he'll get there in his own time but I did ask on the Taming the Goblin Face Book Page if anyone had any good ideas of how to encourage him.  

There were some seriously great ideas flying around and I intend to pick my way through them. I started off with this idea - chunky crayons in a shape that would interest your child. Obviously for Goblin it has to be vehicles so I looked on Amazon and found a Sports Cars Jelly Mould. I chopped up a bunch of crayons (and bits of my finger) and popped them into a few of the moulds. 
Then I whacked them in the oven on a really high temperature for about five minutes. Once the wax had melted I left them to cool.
The results were pretty awesome. I presented them to Goblin on a piece of flip chart paper with a felt tip road drawn on it. And we raced the crayon cars - mark making and following a line.

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  1. Those crayon cars are flippin cool!

  2. I love these. We did car crayons one yr but they were flat. I love the shape and size of these! Pinning to my fun finds board:-)

  3. Now those are some cool crayons - I can so see the kids driving/drawing all over paper with those - fun!!

  4. Very cool cars! I think my lil' guy would love these!

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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