Friday 1 February 2013

Project 365 - week 4

I'm taking part in Project 365. Finding beauty in the ordinary and taking a photo a day for a year. Here are my photos from week 4.
 Experimenting with food colouring breaking through oil on water
 Big Ben on my walk to a meeting in Westminster
 Hublet's birthday cake pony
 Me and the boy chillin
 Portrait of Goblin in a hat
 Bejewelled chocolate playdough foot
Portrait of Hublet grooming his pony 
(do you spot the Hublet/Pony theme this week!)

You can find previous weeks under the label 365 in my side bar. 
I discovered that there are two photographic projects with the idea of taking daily photos. Two communities, one idea. You can find more about Project 365 communities at TheBoyandMe and at Peas and Carrots Studios
I am using Instagram to host my photos (you can find me on Instagram as Themonko, or click through from the instagram widget in this blog sidebar). In Instagram you can find other project 365 photos by searching the hashtag #project365 or #peascarrots365.


  1. That pic of Goblin in the hat, just made me flash back to Boy George (no offense) :)

    1. None taken, I loved Boy George in Culture Club, I used to plait my hair to look like him. I'm not sure at the time I was aware he was a man.

  2. like your chocolate playdoh foot and the one of you and our boy chllin' x

  3. Love the Goblin in her hat and the one of you chillin' with your boy. Such natural lovely photos :-)

  4. I love the one of you and your boy too.lovely :-)

  5. Great capture of Big Ben, like that angle.

  6. Some fab pics here. Love seeing all the family!Big Ben looks as striking as every and the chocolate foot looks almost good enough to eat!

  7. Love the bejewlled playdough foot, bet lots of fun was had making it :)

  8. Some fun pictures, I love your little one in her hat very cute.
    Came over from TBAM

  9. Looks like a busy weeks at yours! great pictures :-)

  10. great shot of big ben, oh sorry elizabeth tower... not so catchy eh?

  11. Love the Big Ben shot, fantastic. And Goblin looks cute in that hat!

  12. You got a better shot of Big Ben than I did. Very nice! I also love that shot of you and your boy. The expressions on your faces are adorable!

  13. Birthdays and ponies - plus a meeting at Westminster - cool week! Loving those pyjamas and hat combo :)

  14. The Big Ben shot is ace, and the playdough foot great idea

  15. That's a cracking shot of Big Ben, lovely editing.

    Thanks for linking up.

  16. I like the chocolate playdough foot

  17. Oh what fantastic pictures. I'm so glad the first one had a caption!


  18. The first photo is very clever. My favourite one is of you and the boy. Gorgeous.


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