Sunday 7 October 2012

The Sunday Parenting Party

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Welcome to the Sunday Parenting Party. Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you find some really useful posts on parenting - ideas and solutions to help you be a better parent; experiences of good and bad days to help you realise you aren't alone; and funny anecdotes because parenting is full of fun times. If you are looking for or want to link up Kids Activity posts please check out Kids Co-op instead. This link up is exclusively for parenting posts to provide a one stop shop for mums, dads and other caregivers. And this week I am utterly delighted that Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts has agreed to share with us her approach to parenting through rhythm rather than routine.  
In my home life I enjoy having a gentle flow and predictability...
but also the space for spontaneity should inspiration strike!

My heart and mind however baulk at even the term 'routine'...
It makes my chest tighten and I feel my eyes start to glaze over
{now I know this is not the case for everyone ~ but for me ~ routine stifles!}

 Rhythm on the other hand provides an ebb and flow
Or as you may hear in Waldorf circles ~ breathing in and out *smile*
For us it is (mostly) not time based 
{although it could be}
But it provides focus and balance
through anchors in the day
This is done through some simple planning
and plenty of room for flexibility... {or rather free play}
Knowing the focus of our mornings, afternoons and evenings...
helps us transition through the day
So my children know that Monday mornings are playgroup...
while Tuesday mornings are for crafting
 And since returning to part time work outside the home...
finding our new rhythm has taken time
But we've almost found it *smile*

Happy days, 
My favourite posts that I'd like to highlight for you from last weeks link ups are
  1. Lessons from a Yes morning by Dirt and Boogers (one of the wonderful co-hosts of the Sunday Parenting Party)
  2. Today I conquered a Playgroup by Mummy Musings and Mayhem 
  3. A thinking Mama's To-do list by Awesomely Awake
  4. What to do when you've had no sleep by Mummyology
  5. Always and Never by Positive Parenting Connection

Number 1 is how I like to parent on my good days, following Goblin's lead. Number 2 is such a heart warming tail and really helped me think about what it must be like raising multiples. Number 3 is a brilliant post that had me thinking about what was actually important to me on a daily basis. Number 4 is an essential for anyone getting less than 8 hours sleep. And Number 5 is yet another gem of sensible parenting advice that is kinda obvious and yet I hadn't really thought about it until I read the post. 
You guys can grab an I was featured on the Sunday Parenting Party button from my button page if you'd like one. 
And now to the linky:


  1. Thanks for the feature...i'm loving reading all these great parenting posts too!

  2. What a wonderful guest post. It is actually just what I needed! I've been struggling lately, and I realize now as the kids get older our rhythm begins to change, but I have not been letting myself be aware of this. I am so thankful for this reminder!

  3. Thanks for the hop! I am craft-phobic and really need some help, so I'm glad I found your site while looking for hops. I have followed you through google plus.

  4. Thank you! I see so much stuff about schedules and routines, and we have just never fit in that too well. I always thought I was just not disciplined enough (which I still don't think I am), but no day is ever the same with any of my kids either! Then when things don't stay on whatever schedule I am trying I get terribly frustrated and feel like a failure. Flexibility is definitely key around here.

  5. Love your chart-- what a great way to reuse watercolor paintings!
    Thank you for visiting Waldorf Wednesday. Hope to see you back this week!


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