Saturday 26 May 2012

Taking care of Ourselves

(Goblin is 31 months)

Goblin and I spent a lovely sunny day today with Bubble and Squeak and their mummies. Its getting hot, hot, hot here in our little nook of Blighty. And it made me think about last year when the sun started to shine - I got heat stroke because I forgot to look after myself. So this is a little post to remind all you lovely parents and care givers out there that its not just your kids who need to be cautious in the hot weather.
I'm sure we've all done it - You have spent the day running around after your kid(s) trying to get them to drink something, and at the end of the day you realise you haven't drunk anything all day yourself. 
How many of you smear the sun cream on your child before they leave the house, but the only cream you apply to yourself is what ever is left on your hands after doing them? I have heard that this can be particularly true of Daddies. Hublet is quite good about making sure he has sun cream on, but that's because he only needs to look at the sun and he burns. But some of my friends say it is really hard to get their husbands to put on sun cream even on the hottest days. If you are one of those Dads (or Mums) it's helpful to remember that we lead by example for our kids. It is a bit hypocritical to insist your child wears sun cream if you aren't going to - its not like any of us are immune to skin cancer. 
Do you wear a hat? Hats keep the sun off your head and neck.  This can help to prevent heat stroke. Now I'm sure most of us don't want to wear a hat because it will ruin our hairstyle. But being cautious and taking one with you when you leave the house means if you do start feeling like the sun has got a bit too much, and you still are a bit far from your car or home, you can whack it on your head to buy you some time. 
So my quite obvious top tips for taking care of yourself as a parent and/or a care giver this summer are
  1.  When they drink, you drink
  2.  When they put on sun cream, you put on sun cream.
  3.  Take a hat

Now enjoy the sun!

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  1. good tips to remind mommas/caregivers to care for themselves too. i always forget sunscreen on myself!

    1. i'm totally awful, this post is for me as much as anyone else. Yesterday I was in such a rush putting my sun cream on i missed bits on the back of my shoulders and i now have burnt streaks just where the straps of the nappy bag lie. Ouch!

  2. Great post - from the very red backed Rainy Day Mum who ignored every single one of them and because I couldn't reach didn't put sun cream on my back at all :(

    Will remember this next time and get my husband to apply cream before we leave the house

  3. Great post! It's so easy to forget to take care of ourselves. I always make sure to put on sunscreen and a hat, but I'm terrible about remembering to drink water. I will remember the tip to drink when my son does. I need to start packing a bottle of water for myself as well as him. Thanks!

    1. I quite often share a bottle with Goblin so that I only have to carry one, and its easier to remember to drink if you are passing it to him and then having to take it back rather than get your own out.

  4. Such a sensible message, we always remember the kids and like you I have been guilty of forgetting myself! Thanks for sharing the reminder on Country Kids.

  5. Great advice . I ended up with Heat stroke last week as I didn't wear a hat :-(

    1. oh no, it can happen so quickly can't it

  6. Sage advice! It's so true, I can't tell you how many times I go get myself a cup of water before bed, only to realize that it's my first drink all day besides a morning coffee :-( Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party with these helpful tips for any parents engaging in outdoor play with their kids!


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