Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kids Co-op Link up (#10 for me)

Its that time again: Time to link up your great ideas and browse through some of the other ideas linked up. And here is what I will be linking up:
Cardboard Fire engine fun
(Goblin is 31 months)
We got a new coffee table last week. When the delivery men left, they offered to take the box with them. Before I had a kid I would have thanked them profusely for taking the litter away with them. But now that I have a child my response is
So I kept my giant box but I didn't have any plans for it. It sat up stairs taking up space until last night when I decided to make it into a fire engine for Goblin. In my usual unplanned way I started painting the box before I'd really thought out how I was going to make it.
Fortunately Hublet was on hand to help.  He created a vehicle with a bit more structural integrity than I would have managed on my own. And hurrah for duct tape, and craft foam. The engine even has a steering wheel that actually turns. And you can't see from the pictures but the blue light on the top is painted with sparkly paint so it looks like its flashing.
Of course I had been so busy with the structure of the vehicle that I had forgotten about the accessories a fire engine requires. When Goblin came down in the morning he was delighted. But insisted he needed a hose and ladder. These were duly acquired from the recycling bin and bathroom - a shower that attaches to the taps makes a great hose. He also wanted me to draw buttons on the dash board so he could turn on the lights and siren - Of course! Silly Mummy.
We played in the fire engine all morning, we put out fires and rescued people (he even took one toy to hospital in the fire engine). We climbed the ladder and Mummy had to ride on a small fire engine because I could't fit in the big one. Normally Goblin's favourite imaginary play is fishing. It involves standing still with a stick in your hand talking about fish. Rescuing burning dolls and doing high-speed chases on mini fire engines is slightly more energetic imaginary play than I am used to. Thank goodness Goblin still has naps!

And now for the link up.

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  1. my oldest(3yr) would love this, thanks for sharing-frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

  2. I love it! Daddy always scoffs at our forts b/c of the "structural integrity". They fall down because Bobo tries to cross the blanket like a bridge.

    1. Goblin tried to climb on the back of this one, i was amazed it didn't collapse

  3. That came out awesome! Love it!

  4. Thanks guys, I think I had as much fin making it as Goblin had playing in it

  5. This is wonderful! Such a creative idea. My toddler loves playing with boxes and we love making forts and buildings. Thanks for sharing.
    -Ana @ Mommyhood: From the Heart

  6. LOVE the firetruck! My son's bday is going to be firetruck theme next month! I will totally link to you if we decide to use this! :) Thanks! So fun! We'd love for you to join the party at Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers will like your ideas as well! :)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I've linked up - Love your blog by the way

  7. Awesome! That is one great fire engine, love how Goblin got ou to add stuff to it too. Loved your car wash too!

  8. That's one cute fir truck right there. Kids look like they are having a whole lot of fun.


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