Thursday 10 May 2012

Kids Co-op Link Up (#8 for me)


Its that time of the week again when you link up your awesome activities and check out everyone elses', please leave comments if you visit a blog and love what they've done - every one loves comments. Goblin had so much fun last week with our moon playscape that I decided to try another. So here is what I will be linking up this week.
Beach playscape
(Goblin is 30 months)

My beach playscape builds on the Venn Diagram work that I did with Goblin a few weeks ago, and was inspired by this awesome small world ocean in a sink from Play Create Explore.
I liked how last week Goblin was able to come straight down in the morning and find something new to play with, so I set this up last night and left it by the window in the livingroom for him to discover.
This is the photo of the 'ocean' last night. I used water beads in the water, as well as some blue food colouring. The waterbeads are still small in the photo, but this morning they were fully grown and squidgy.
I made palm trees out of craft foam and toilet rolls mainly for decoration but I thought Goblin might like pouring the rice down the tubes. I also put out some green sponges. I was going to cut them into bush shapes but they looked a bit like waves already so I just left them as they were. I thought Goblin might like using them to transfer the water.
I left out lots of different scooping implements for Goblin, including a salad spoon, a whisk, a teabag strainer, tongs, and a big draining spoon.
When Goblin came down in the morning he spotted it straight away and set to work putting all the plastic animals into the water and then retrieving them with various implements, before starting to shovel the coloured rice 'sand' into some bottles I'd put out.  (Check out the photos below - Goblin obviously hasn't chosen a dominant hand yet - I only noticed as I was looking at the pictures that he is using both hands interchangeably).
One of the things I like best about these playscapes is watching the different ways he plays with them. His moon playscape got all sorts of different sessions during the 4 days it was out. I'm hoping this one will get as much play - but the combination of water and rice might not last that long.

And now its your turn - what have you been up to?

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  1. Oh little Goblin, what fun you have! One of my friends created a snack with blue jello and little fish inside...betchya Goblin would love that to go with this activity!
    As always, thanks for shaing:)

    1. Oh I've seen a post that had that - You are right Goblin would love it although he'd probably try to eat the fish too

  2. This looks like so much fun! I want to play with it :) It's beautiful. What child wouldn't be captivated. Very creative, great idea!

  3. This play set up looks so inviting. I love the colour contrast between the blue and orange. So glad to have you in our Kids Co-op gang.

    1. oh Cathy thats so sweet, I'm glad I joined, I'm learning so much

  4. I love that you set this up for Goblin the night before. That is a great idea, and when I take the time to do that, my morning is always a lot smoother. Fun activity! :)

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Goblin did have lots of fun with it. He really liked the tea strainer I put out and spent ages catching water beads. Then he poured the rice into the water and made it all very gross. But thats ok because its all part of the play experience (and I'd banked on him doing that so i wasn't wedded to the rice)


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