Monday 30 April 2012

Three great book series for toddlers

(Goblin is 30 months)
A while ago I did a post about Goblin's favourite bedtime books. Unfortunately like many toddlers he really likes repeating the same books over and over and over again. So I haven't really had a chance to find new ones he likes - he won't let me read new ones at bed time. A couple of weeks ago I asked Taming the Goblin facebook followers for ideas of new books for Goblin. There were some great ideas, and I am working through trying to track them down. Our library doesn't shelve children's books by author so its pot luck if you find what you are looking for.  But I did manage to track down some of the recommendations and convince Goblin to let me read them to him.
The Maisy series (by Lucy Cousins) was recommended by Make, Do and Friend. At the library we found 'Maisy Goes to the Library' which I thought was rather appropriate. Goblin really liked this book. It has lots of different animals to identify throughout. And there are only a few sentences per page - if there are too many Goblin gets bored and wants me to turn the page before I have finished the story.
We Can Do All Things recommended anything by the author John Butler. I found the cutest book in Amazon's used section (a great way to buy cheap books). 'While you were sleeping' talks about what animals are doing while your child sleeps. It is a bit strange that some of the animals aren't nocturnal. I think this is a missed teaching opportunity. But what it lacks on that educational front it makes up for in super cuteness and beautiful pictures - and its a counting book, 1 to 10. Every page has a picture of the moon on it, which is one of Goblin's current obsessions, so this book was a win.
Another Make, Do and Friend recommendation was Meg and Mog books. I'd forgotten these existed. I liked these when I was a kid. I found a great one about going to the moon. I was really surprised how much educational information it contained. Within the basic story there was information about how you can jump higher on the moon, that you eat squished up food, and that you orbit the moon (something I have been telling Goblin since he was really tiny).  Since reading this one we have gone back to the library and found other Meg and Mog books. These are definitely a hit with Goblin.

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  1. I used to Love reading Mog and Mog books when i was little!!!
    will have to go to the library and see if i can find some for my little ones

    Natasha xx

  2. I also will be hunting down some of these books at my local library! Loved the post!

    If you're interested, I'd love if you linked up to my Teaching Toddler post!

  3. We haven't read these yet. I'll have to check them out. Q-ball is younger than Goblin, but we just started reading I Love you Through and Through at bedtime, and we love it!

  4. Stumbled upon your site and think it's adorable!! I wanted to let you know that I added your crayon melt art to my blog. Thanks for the memories and fun!!! BTW, I added you to my favs. =)

    Gianne at

  5. Chook is the same with books and I think it is great. Because of the repetition he knows the storyline and can 'read' along. He can really immerse himself in the story because he knows it in and out. He uses ideas from the story in his play as well. I have noticed he is paying attention to the text on the page, pointing to it and asking me what it is. Repetition really encourages the development of early literacy behaviours! To get him to accept new books, we go to toddler time at the library and I read a new book during our circle time, over time I have found the new book becomes part of our bedtime routine. The only thing I have to overcome is Mummy boredom of reading the same book over and over!

  6. Aimie, my problem is the mummy bordem, I know that the repetition is good. But if I get too bored it will start coming out in my voice when I read to him, and that might put him off reading, so I need to change it up from time to time for my own sanity. I don't mind cycling through 4 books, but one book for three months is kind of stealing little bits of my soul.

  7. We love the Maisy books - the library was a great one but J's favourite has to be the Maisy's bathtime or Makes Gingerbread men.

    We are still into the That's not my series which T loves as well. But one of our new favourites are the aliens love underpants and dinosaurs love underpants ones.

  8. I can't even process your book choices b/c I'm wondering how your library DOES shelve the children's books. The only books that are haphazard at my library are the board books because they surround our tree house and get pulled off and re-shelved dozens of times a day. At one point, I even had all our movies and books alphabetized at home (pre-Bobo). Let me know, it's killing me!

    1. They have all the kids books in low boxes so the kids can access them themselves. So they are just a complete mix of what ever the kids pull in and take out, a but like your description of the board books, but with all books for toddlers too. It's lovely for the kids but totally unhelpful if you are looking for something specific

    2. Thanks! That would drive me bonkers. We have to pull books for teachers and storytime every day, not to mention the hoards of books I pull for Bobo. I can't imagine how you find books you really want.

  9. What fun recommendations...I need to find some Meg and Mog books! I can't believe your library doesn't sort the toddler's books--that would drive me crazy--our library even has the teen volunteers sort the board books when the bins fill up! Thanks for sharing this at Teach Me Tuesday!!


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