Sunday 29 April 2012

Beltane activities

(Goblin is 30 months)
Tuesday is the 1st of May: May day and the pagan festival of Beltane. I decided to do some May Day activities with Goblin. I wanted to paint us both green and make flower and vine crowns - but its been raining hard all week which put a bit of a damper on that plan. So instead I decided to make a Green Man plaque from salt dough. 
The idea was that this would be an activity for Goblin. But as soon as he touched the salt dough he decided that today was going to be a clean hand day. Goblin isn't usually fussed about getting his hands messy but some textures seem to freak him out a bit. Today the salt dough was doing that. So I made the green man on my own. 
Salt dough is 2 cups flour, 2 cups salt and one cup water ( I used half a bottle of green food colouring in the mix as well). I pressed leaves into the dough to make leaf patterns around his beard and hair. Once I'd finished it I baked him in the oven at 100C for 8 hours. No you did not read that wrong, it took 8 hours to dry the dough out so it was rock solid. Then I rubbed some green acrylic paint into the veins of the leaves and wiped it off with a baby wipe to darken the edges.
I really like my green man. I think I'll varnish him and try hanging him in the garden. I don't know how weather worthy he'll be, but thats quite appropriate as part of the Green Man story, old Jack-o-Green dies and is born a new each year.

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  1. This looks great! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas!

  2. What fun!! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having a fabulous week!!

  3. so interesting, i've never heard of Beltane before. so are you Pagan then, or do you just explore other beliefs? and thanks for linking up!

    1. No not pagan, I went to uni in Edinburgh and the town has a massive street procession and festival at Beltane and Sowaine so I like to do something. I want to expose Goblin to as many religions and beliefs as possible so he can understand and be tolerant. If he's interested when he's older he can explore which ever one fits him best

  4. What fun.. that sure looks like such a fun activity!! Loved it!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful this idea!!
    Thanks for sharing with us on Made With Love,


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