Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kids Co-op Link up (#5 for me)


Its that time of the week again. What have you been up to? Link up and show me. Or if you are rapidly running out of ideas and have a long weekend stretching out ahead of you why not browse through the posts already linked and get some new great ideas.

Here is what I am linking up this week
(Goblin is 30 months)
Goblin was playing with his cars and he started arranging my can of coke and a tomato sauce bottle on the table. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Car wash" was Goblin's response. This inspired me. I rushed to the toilet where I knew we had some empty loo rolls, and I grabbed an empty shoe box (I never throw them out because they are good for so many different things). I also grabbed a dish cloth - Hublet had just bought a new packet and it was cheaper for him to buy a pack of 25 than 5, so we have a lot of dish cloths at the moment. 
I cut some strips off the dish cloth and snipped a frill along them. All the time Goblin watched, fascinated saying "Car wash?". I covered the loo rolls in double sided sticky tape and rolled the frilled strips onto them. I cut a hole in the back of the shoe box and folded it down. On the box I drew some arrows, and a couple of buttons. Then I stuck two kebab sticks through the roof to hold the  loo rolls in place. And hey presto - a carwash fit for Goblin's toy cars. Obviously if you have more time you could go to town decorating the box and trimming down the kebab sticks. But this 5 minute creation was a massive hit and Goblin played with it for ages getting more and more cars, pushing them into the box, pressing the inked on button and hand twirling the two loo roll brushes. 
Funny thing is, when we went through the actual car wash last month he was really scared by the big brushes and I had to hold his hand and talk him through the whole process. I wonder if this is him playing out some of that anxiety. 
Now to the link up.

I'm also sharing my carwash on
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  1. Love the car wash!! So creative!!

  2. Your car wash is fastastic. I love your story too about creating it to aid Goblin's play.

  3. That car wash is so creative and hopefully it does help ease some of his anxiety!

  4. This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration...I will have to make this for my little guy!

  5. How cool is this? Bravo! I made one once with some foam sheets cut into fringing for the washers but your twirling brushes are far superior! Thanks for being part of the Kids Co-op :)

  6. wow thanks for all the fab comments guys, its so funny how the things you knock up quickly can sometimes be the most popular play items.

  7. This is so simple and fun! What a great toy. I'm featuring this at the Kid's Co-op this week. :)

  8. LOVE this! My girls have been asking for a pretend parking garage, and this would be an awesome addition. Great idea! :-)


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