Saturday 24 March 2012

Felt leaf mobile

(Goblin is 29 months)
I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to decorating Goblin's season tree. I managed to put up some valentine hearts but haven't got round to anything for spring. So this weekend I made some felt leaf mobiles to hang on the branches. 
I made some felt using lots of different green wool roving I had - If you have never felted before its really easy, I did a beginners tutorial here (I am still a beginner but I have pretty much mastered felt squares). On one of the pieces I added some cut offs from the hair of the first Waldorf doll I made (it was such beautiful wool I couldn't resist keeping it - I'm such a craft horder).
I made some leaf templates and cut out the felt leaves. 
I took embroidery thread, tied a knot in the bottom and did a running stitch through the first leaf. Then left a space of about an inch and a half and tied another knot to keep the second leaf in place, before sewing running stitch through a second leaf, and repeating with the third.
I managed to get six strings out of my two sheets of felt. I hung them on Goblin's tree and when he came down from his nap he said "Oooh wow, leaf, tree" - I'm thinking that is a good response.

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  1. I love this idea. I've been wanting to have something hanging for Q-ball to look at. But, even this might be too much sewing for me- maybe glue will work...

    1. Haha! Seriously the only sewing is folding a leaf into a concertina and pushing a needle through, I'm sure you'd cope :)

  2. That turned out so pretty!

  3. What a great idea - the textures are fantastic!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments

  5. I love the idea of a seasons tree that the monster and I could do together. This is so cute! Thanks for stopping by The NY Melrose Family. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love it if you linked this up at We go live at Tuesday night at 8 EST. I'm following!

  6. Cute idea!! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  7. I love how this turned out- and I've been wanting to try felting so I might have to give your tutorial a look too. :)

  8. Cute activity. My daughter would like a tree like this. Thanks for sharing on fun frugal friday.

  9. Oh, how wonderful. We are slowly adding spring decorations to my daughter's tree as well. I love your leaves. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you are having an amazing week!

  10. so sweet
    thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday.
    hope to see you there again tomorrow

    Natasha xx


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