Wednesday 29 February 2012

St David's Day - Eisteddfod

(Goblin is 28 months)
(taken from Google images search on Eisteddfod)
No I did not just mash the keyboard when writing the title of this post. The Welsh language has an uncanny number of consonants next to consonants and words that look like you just made a major typo. But it is an unbelievably lovely language. It sounds like the Elfin spoken by Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings. This is because the Welsh language was Tolkien's inspiration.

The word in the title Eisteddfod describes the Welsh festival of literature, music and performance. It is a tradition on St David's Day for Welsh schools to hold an Eisteddfod showcasing their children's singing, poetry and theatricals. They also get a half day off.

Dragon, Goblin's super cute Welsh cousin has been practicing a song for his Eisteddfod tomorrow, and he has honoured us with a sneak preview. Dragon even does a bit of dancing.

The song goes:
Un bys, dau bys, tri bys yn dawnsio
Pedwar bys, pump bys, chwe bys yn dawnsio
Saith bys, wyth bys, naw bys yn dawnsio
deg bys yn dawnsio'n llon!

Which means:
1 finger, 2 finger, 3 fingers dancing
4 fingers, 5 fingers, 6 fingers dancing
7 fingers, 8 fingers, 9 fingers dancing
10 fingers dancing merrily!

To hear more beautiful Welsh language being sung you can check out The Gentle Good at The Sound Cloud. My favourite is Llosgi Pontydd

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  1. I'm really enjoying these posts, so interesting - lots of fun!

    1. I'm glad they are interesting. Hublets one will be winging its way to you for your bakin link up tomorrow

    2. Oh good, ta. My post is up - some reason my last couple of posts aren't feeding which is a pain!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I love these posts!
    And the language is so beautiful!


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