Monday 27 February 2012

St David's Day - DIY Daffodils

(Goblin is 28 months)
Today's St David's day activity is making daffodils. Since I was at work today Goblin and I did this at the weekend. For kids as young as Goblin the main activity consists of painting an egg box and letting mummy do the rest. But if you have slightly older children who can use scissors, they can do the whole activity as its relatively simple.
We took an egg box holding a dozen eggs (thus making a dozen daffodils) and painted the bumpy half yellow on both sides. Well mostly yellow. Goblin thought it would look pretty to add some blue and pink to some of the flowers as well as some sequins.
 I cut the egg box up using a craft knife (its really difficult to cut an egg box using scissors). Then I took some yellow paper and cut petals in a star shape. I glued the egg box 'cups' to the petals using a glue stick.
 Then I took some green straws and taped the flowers to the drinking straws. I made sure the bendy straws  were bendy side up so that the flower heads could be positioned.
Then I made a vase using the bottom half of a plastic milk carton. I covered it in tissue paper and glue and filled it with rice. If you only put a couple of layers of tissue paper on the carton it gives a lovely slightly see through effect when the sun shines through it. The rice in the bottom serves a dual purpose. It weights down the milk carton so that it is heavy enough to hold the daffodils without falling over, and it acts like oasis - you can position the daffodils in the rice and they will hold in position. I cut an inch off the end of a few of the straw stems so that the heights were different.

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  1. That is lovely, and think of how much money you will save on fresh flowers! I have given you a Liebster award

  2. Cute cute cute! And so cheerful!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. So cute....I love them (we will have to make some of these this spring.

    Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!


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