Monday 27 February 2012

Balance Bike

(Goblin is 28 months)
I bought Goblin a Wooden Balance Bike for his 2nd birthday back in October. For anyone who doesn't know, a balance bike is like a regular bike but without pedals that is supposed to be used for improving balance.
The manufacturers claimed it was for 18 months plus. Goblin is tall for his age. He is a good couple of inches taller than all his friends, but when he tried the bike in October his feet couldn't touch the floor.
We popped it in a cupboard and brought it out again at Christmas (cheap present), but still he was too short.
Today he started talking about bikes, so I brought it out of the cupboard, and this time, with the aid of his croc wellies (that have a thick sole), he was able to use the bike for the first time. Hublet made a little video of his adventures.

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  1. CUTE! I love these bikes. My 3 learned 'biking' on these, they have all switched to 'big' pedal bikes . . . but I do miss those days to see their sense of pride and fun on their faces when they were 'biking'.

  2. hehe great movie there, and goblin looks like he will have an amazing summer getting to grips with the fun that is biking!

  3. So cute! We got our son a Strider bike for his second birthday, and he immediately took it. Within a week, he was coasting. It's so much fun to watch them ride and develop new skills.

  4. Yep I don't think it will be long before I'm jogging yo keep up. Thanks for all the lovely comments

  5. We too picked up a Strider bike and so far have had success (it's only been 4 days). Can't wait until he's coasting (vs. walking while straddling).

    1. Goblin's only just started to do proper coasting, but he's only got back into riding it this month because we got him a trike and he seemed to prefer that for a while because he was allowed to ride it indoors too.


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