Sunday 5 February 2012

Snow Snow Snow

(Goblin is 27 months)
We have snow - yipeee! For any of you lucky people living in countries that get a lot of snow, let me explain that despite its reputation for awful weather most of the south of the UK only gets about 2 proper days of snow a year.
So you can imagine my delight when I woke up to this scene this morning. And I wasn't the only one who was excited. Goblin wanted to go out in it straight away, and pretty much spent the entire day outside despite the cold.
He spent a lot of time in the garden with his vehicles. He used his digger (and a spade) to fill his dumper truck with snow and then empty it out the back.
After a while we managed to convince Goblin to put some gloves on. The air wasn't that cold but touching the snow was bitter.  
 I took Goblin on a sledge ride around the estate to take in the sites. He called the sledge his boat. 
 Here are some of the lovely things we saw. 

 Goblin also took a turn at pulling the sledge. He tried pulling me but even with the lower friction from the snow I was way too heavy for him. So he settled for an empty sledge.
 I showed Goblin how to make snow angels - they don't photograph very well though. 
 And Hublet came and joined us as we were trying to make a snowman. 
 Hublet showed Goblin how to make snowballs, and how to throw them - although this did end with an hilarious incident where Goblin threw a snowball into the air and it landed on him.

 Here is a photo of Goblin having a snowball thrown at him - you can't see the snowball against the snow but you can see the delight of Goblin's face.
 When we made it back to the hill by our house lots of other kids had come out to play. Goblin stood and watched for ages. We found a less steep slope for Goblin to slide down.
 After his nap Goblin helped Hublet clean snow off Nanny's car. 
 He enjoyed this so much he tried to clean lots of other people's cars too. 
 And he helped Hublet clear the path with our new snow shovel - for anyone who doesn't have one of these they are awesome.
 Goblin found it particularly hilarious when Hublet started throwing snow with it. This went on for some time with Goblin directing Hublet. And once we had enough snow piled up we made a snow Fireman.
Having a garden full of snow was a bit like having a sand pit the size of the entire garden. 
Isn't snow great!

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  1. how fun love your snowman so super cute come see me at

  2. brilliant post & thanks for linking up to the outdoor play link up. sadly in N.Ireland we didn't get any snow. I love that you are showing that with the right outdoor clothing your little man wsa able to have loads of fun even in the cold snow! Kierna

  3. Wow that is loads of snow and loads of fun! Thank you for linking to Country Kids. We have had no snow at all this year and my children are very envious of Goblin's snowman!

  4. What a marvelous day you must have had! Looks like heaps of fun!!


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