Saturday 26 November 2011

Granny and Grandpa's house

(Goblin is 25 months)
We stayed at Goblin's Granny and Grandpa's (my parents) last night. Goblin woke at 6am (groan!) but I managed to entertain him until 8am before he decided it was definitely bothering time. Fortunately Grandpa was on good form and played aeroplanes with him despite having only just woken up. 
Goblin's favourite bit of the day was running around Granny's garden. He discovered sheds; played with the guineapigs and rabbit; and dug up the flowerbed. 
Goblin helped Granny tidy the leaves in the garden. 
 And granny rewarded him by letting him start a fire! 
 With Goblin's fire engine obsession I have been wondering whether we might be raising a pyromaniac and he certainly seemed to like the garden brazier


  1. Looks like Goblin had a lovely time in Granny and Grandpas garden! Could be another Country Kids post!

  2. Thanks for linking up again this week:)


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