Saturday, 1 October 2011

Waldorf Window decoration

(Goblin is 23 months)
We have just had new windows fitted and they let in so much more light. I have been reading a lot of home ed blogs recently that are Waldorf - Steiner inspired. There is a window decoration that keeps coming up, and its so simple and looks so lovely that I thought I'd make one for Goblin's new window. 
All you need in order to do this is tissue paper in 8 different colours (although failing that tissue paper in two or three different colours that can be alternated would work too).  

If like me your tissue paper comes as a rectangle the first thing to do is make it into a square by cutting off the excess. Then fold all the corners of your square into the middle.
 Then take two opposite corners and fold them into the middle to make a kite shape. 
 Repeat for the other 7 colours and then stick them together to form a star.
Finally mount the star on a window. I used tiny blobs of blue tack. I guess double sided sticky tape might also work. 
Fear not if you couldn't follow a word of what I was saying. There is a much better tutorial on GardenMama's blog. You'll also notice she has much nicer scenery out of the window she sticks her star on. 

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