Wednesday 19 October 2011

Rough and tumble play

(Goblin is 24 months)
Goblin loves a bit of rough and tumble - being tickled until he screams with delight, being pinned between Hublet's legs, being held upside down and used as a mop. A lot of the parenting books suggest that "rough housing" (as its called in America) is uniquely the department of the dad figure. It certainly comes very naturally to Hublet to scoop Goblin up and throw him about. But in our house we both like to indulge in physical play. Here are a few of the games we enjoy. 
The simplest and most relaxing is lying on the ground and letting your toddler climb on you like a climbing frame. I find this quite good abs exercise!
And of course there is always horsey rides. The photo below was taken last Christmas when Goblin was only 14 months old. He has got a lot better at balancing since then and I don't have to hold him on with one hand any more. In fact he is now good at horse rides and piggy backs for which I get to stand up. 
Toddler flying is one of my favourites. To get them up in the air you just bend your legs so your calves are parallel with the ground, get your toddler to stand in front of your feet, then grab their hands and push your feet into their hips and up, up and away. I do this on the sofa so that I can give Goblin a soft landing if he starts to wriggle. 
And finally Hublet takes Goblin foot riding. He has size 13 feet so Goblin finds it easy to stay on them. My size 6's are a bit more tricky for him. 

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