Wednesday 30 April 2014

Black and white mobile

(Goblin is 4 years old)
Recently Goblin has acquired two new cousins. When we went to visit I wanted him to be able to give them something that he had made himself. We decided to make a simple black and white mobile. Really little babies see contrasting colours better so black and white is the easiest option for babies to focus on. 
 We used air dry clay to make spheres that we then flattened and I put a hole in. When I say we I really mean, Goblin did one and I did the rest. I wanted him to do them all and I'd even got out his rolling pin and shape cutters thinking he could make a bunch of different shapes. But he wasn't interested, so I did this bit myself.
 Once the discs were dry (24 hours later) he painted them white and the following day I gave him a squirt bottle with black paint and he went to town.
Finally I strung the discs up with fishing line. I attached them to a colander, the reflection on the inside of the colander will provide some added interest for baby, however if you want to make yours look a little more attractive you can use an embroidery rind and cover the wood in a ribbon.

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  1. Such a lovely lovely idea - special for the twins and goblin Alice x


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