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The Sunday Parenting Party - One Year Older

Taming the Goblin

Its time for the Sunday Parenting Party. Please link up any parenting posts you have. We try to keep this linky exclusively for parenting issues (anecdotes, advice, please for help, humour) so please don't link kids activities unless they are specific to a parenting issue - e.g. how to calm your child or how to deal with messy play fears. Thanks. This week I'm linking the following:

(Goblin is nearly 4)

I haven't really had time to do a proper post this week. We have been getting ready for Goblin's party. He is turning 4. It sounds very grown up to me. Every year just before his birthday I start worrying that he is going to be 'that next age'. Its not because I don't want him to grow up. Its because I like being able to use his age as an excuse when he behaves inappropriately. 

"Sorry, he's only 2" seems like a reasonable explanation for things - pretty much anything in fact. 
"Sorry, he's only 3" actually cut the mustard more times than I initially thought it would, but
"Sorry, he's only 4"- I'm not so sure. Lots of kids start school at 4. I'm not sure that when he shoulder barges a stranger or licks something in a shop or does any of the other bizarre or inappropriate things he sometimes does, that "Sorry he's only 4" will be a reasonable explanation. 

But then I may not have to use that excuse so much. One thing I forget when I get to this time of year, is how much my little one changes in a year. This year he has grown so much. Not just physically, but emotionally, intellectually, creatively. 

I think one of the reasons that we have had so many more run ins recently, is that he is becoming his own person. Its not that I don't like who he is becoming, I'm just not keeping pace with it. Sometimes I forget that he's not as malleable as he used to be. it was easy when I could just bundle him into the buggy and go and do my own thing, not having to think about his ability to walk that far, or his need to be entertained if we have to wait, or his personal preference to stay at home.

But there are so many really delightful parts to him getting older. We can have conversations. This was not possible a year ago. When he says, "I love you" he genuinely means it, he's not just saying it because he's repeating our words, he says it on random occasions out of the blue. He is funny, he is interesting, he is observant and curious and sociable. 

I don't look tearfully back at his baby days. Parenting has got more challenging, but that's because I'm now sharing my house and my life with a proper little person. And that is kinda cool. 

Taming the Goblin
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  1. You're not the only one that didn't do any major, earth shattering, posts this week. I almost forgot to post at all! So, you get comedy genius instead of seriousness this week. It's been one of those weeks, ya know?

    Enjoy the birthday :)

  2. Every year they get a little older, and we get a little further from the centre of their world... it's certainly a learning process for us all! Happy birthday to your gorgeous goblin and thanks for featuring my post from last week :

  3. I agree that "Sorry he's 4" doesn't seem like it's going to work. My son turns 4 in a few months and I've used "He's 3" often. But, I had an idea as I read your words...we may be done with the age excuse for now but I'm pretty sure when they turn 13 we'll be back in the money for 7 years until they emerge from the teen years :)

  4. AH! I'm not good at using this new google commenting, every time I do it, I sign out instead of publish. I just commented but I think I signed out accidentally.

    Thank you for featuring me and let's look forward to the day when we can say "Oh, he's just 13." :)

  5. I so related to your words of "he's only ____." Of course, my path was different and we were saying that hoping our son would "catch up" when his language and movements and his everything became almost embarrassing...
    I love how you wrote this. Isn't it amazing how quickly time passes when it's through a mom's eyes? I don't think the last 10 years went by in milestones for me the way the last four have.

  6. Isn't it amazing, the way they suddenly outgrow a behavior?

    Children grow up way too quickly. Trying to capture as much as I can - both with a camera and with my heart (by leaving the camera on the shelf, sometimes).

    Loved your post. Happy birthday to Goblin!


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