Sunday 5 May 2013

Project 365 - week 17

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 Our tadpoles are growing, of the huge batch of frogspawn only 8 tadpoles emerged. 
 I left a letter and number sorting activity with a letter monster hand puppet as an invitation to play for Goblin. 
 Goblin liked the sailing boats at Nanny's house
 Hublet was excited at the StarWars exhibit at the Mountfitchet Castle toy museum
 Hublet and Goblin made a swarm of bees. How many people can say they were delighted to return home and find a swarm of bees in their house?
 Our butterflies have formed chrysalis
Goblin enjoyed being a butterfly


  1. You and your children must be a big fan of bugs and insect! Well done!

  2. This week is definitely insect week - great pictures of the tadpole and butterfly's, I'll be interested to see how they do.

  3. Some fabulous photos - loving the picture of 'goblin' as a butterfly, much nicer than the actual butterfly pic (i am a bit squeamish with bugs of any kind!). The picture you took of the tadpoles is great :)

  4. Great pictures, love the tadpoles and butterfly pictures. Also the hubby Star Wars exhibit picture, my OH would look like this as well!

  5. That photo of the tadpoles is amazing - I have never seen such a close up of them like that before. I think that swarm of bees are amazing! And goblin makes a super butterfly x

  6. What a wonderful week and so many fun photos....although Hublet may be my favourite with that look of excitement and awe! Goblin makes such a happy little butterfly...have a great week x


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