Sunday 10 February 2013

Rugby and Keeping warm outside

(Goblin is 40 months)

In January Goblin started a Rugby class. For the first month it was held indoors. Goblin doesn't do well with lots of noise and people, so the echoey sports hall wasn't very conducive to him enjoying the class. So we were really pleased when the coach told us that we'd be starting to train outside in February. 
The only problem is it is really cold in February. And we were going to be outside for at least an hour, and Goblin needed to be able to move freely. So we had to dress him appropriately.
I think a common mistake is to pop a big coat on a small child and think they will stay warm. If you are lucky it might do the job, but often big coats are bulky and inhibit movement (same goes for snow suits on toddlers). A waterproof outer layer is important if its wet, but otherwise the most important layers, I think, are the base layers.
Good thermal underwear is inexpensive and really great for small kids because it allows them ease of movement and is as comfy as pyjamas. We got ours from Mountain Warehouse
On top of the long sleeved thermal top and leggings we put Goblin in a long sleeved t-shirt and then a jumper. On his bottom we put jogging bottoms and two pairs of socks (cold feet are really nasty). Then his rugby t-shirt and shorts went on top. I know the shorts over trousers looks a bit daft but I was more concerned with him being warm than fashionable. 
We took gloves and a hat as well as an additional fleece hoody and his anorak. As it happened, with all the running around he only needed the gloves and the rest stayed in the car. 
Goblin had a great session and wanted to carry on playing outside after the class was over, no complaints of cold at all.
If you are going to accompany your little ones on outdoor excursions its worth investing is the right clothes for yourself as well (I have some great cheap thermals that don't make me look too bulky). You don't want to be the one that spoils the fun by complaining its too cold.

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  1. That picture is awesome! Dirt rocks! Especially when you're also warm! :)

  2. Great advice, I shared a similar article on layering up with this years parents & it's been brilliant to see most of the children all layered up & cosy even on the coldest days. That picture of Goblin's muddy face is priceless! Kierna

  3. You are so right, I tell mine to take a coat on an outdoor scouting trip or going riding and they are now at the age where they just say no! They would rather be cold than have their movement restricted or their "look" spoiled. Thermals would be the perfect answer. Thanks for the tip and for taking the camera out to Rugby training with you!

  4. He looks so stinkin' cute! Go Goblin!

  5. He looks so into it, an fabulously grotty! Great fun :-)

  6. Look at that dirty face. Priceless! That's a face that's had a very good day.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  7. Great post, can't agree enough with clothing making all the difference with outdoor play. We've gone for padded waterproof trousers, they're not as great for movement, but the boys can literally sit in a stream (as they did the other day!) and still stay dry. Thanks as well for your lovely comments on my mud post, looks like we're both destined for life with very happy muddy boys!

  8. I never thought about the noise from the hall as my little boy didn't get on with football indoors - so thank you for that.
    Looks like a lot of fun - and great tips for keeping warm.

    Visiting via CountryKids

  9. Wow, looks like he loves the rugby! Love his muddy face in the last one x

  10. We never get that cold here so we don't need to do half as much as you do but i love that you have little goblin out running make some wonderful points and how cute is that face!!!

  11. That looks like great fun - I have to say in our part of the world the battle is to keep cool

  12. What great tips for keeping kids warm and active! Thankfully, we don't have very many very cold days here, but this advise is useful for those who deal with the cold for months at a time.

    You are so right that keeping Mama warm too is key. Kids don't feel it like we do because they are moving so much. I have a long down winter coat that keeps me feeling toasty warm as long as it doesn't get colder than 15 degrees F which it never does here in TX but I figured that out when I lived in NY where it would get that cold. LOL! Thank goodness I held on to it for 10 years bc it's useful now that I have kids who need to be outside every day no matter the weather.


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