Thursday 7 February 2013

Kids co-op - Chocolate playdough

Its time for Kids Co-op. Please link up your favourite child related posts and check out what others have been up to this week. I know its tempting to link and run but do try and stop a while and look at some other links, I'm sure you won't regret it. This week I'm linking the following:
I was putting out the recycling today when I found a Chocolate box insert. WHAT! How could I throw that away (Note to self - Normal people don't think like this). Anyway I whipped up a batch of playdough. I used the Nurturestore recipe as always but I added brown food colouring, two tablespoons of hot chocolate powder and some vanilla essence. It smelt AMAZING!
I laid it out on Goblin's table with some pony beads, sparkly sequins and gold glitter. No sooner had I laid it out than Goblin was there and playing (result!). 
I showed Goblin how to fill the chocolate box hole with a pony bead and then push the playdough in so that when he popped it out it had the bead on the top. He spent some time creating decorated chocolates. 
But one of the wonderful things about playdough is its open ended nature. Instead of just following the natural direction I had presented, Goblin decided to get out his cutters and make sparkly playdough feet. These looked beautiful and were even better for being his own creation.  
Obviously the smell of the chocolate playdough was too much for Goblin and despite me warning him repeatedly he insisted on nibbling it throughout the playtime and then looking at me in distress when it did indeed just taste of salty playdough!
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  1. that's the same recipe we used!!! isn't it great! looks like goblin had a blast... love the little foot!

  2. Thanks for hosting. Just love this link up!

  3. We made chocolate playdough this week as well! Our house smelled amazing too!! You got so creative with all your add-ins! I love it!

  4. Who doesn't love chocolate?!! I'm going to make this with my first graders.
    Thanks so much for sharing,
    I Dream of First Grade

  5. I've just found your link up, what a super one to join in with, thanks for hosting. I haven't done chocolate playdough for ages, a great reminder.

  6. We made chocolate play dough recently as little guy LOVES it!! One of two things he can play with for a good long while... he doesn't try to eat it but baby sissy does and she apparently has funky tastes buds because she likes it (as well as chalk and crayons)...:-P

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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