Thursday 17 January 2013

Kids Coop - Making an Omelette

Its time for the Kids Co-op again. Please link up your kids related posts and check out what everyone else has been up to. I;m sure you will find something inspiring in the great posts. This week I'm linking the following:
I've been teaching Goblin how to use a proper knife. But rather than just doing "chopping practice" I want to take this opportunity to teach Goblin some basic recipes. I was amazed when I went to University how many of my friends couldn't cook really basic food. I'm determined that my son won't leave home without a decent repertoire of easy recipes under his belt so we are starting young.
Last week we made stew. This week we made an omelette. To do this you will need:

  • two mushrooms
  • a slice of ham
  • some cheese to grate
  • two eggs

I cut out a rectangle of cardboard and put it over the block of cheese to protect Goblin's knuckles when he grated it. Hublet held the tower grater still and Goblin grated - he really enjoyed this because it had an instant effect. He also chopped the mushrooms and ham.
We have shown Goblin how to crack an egg but its still a bit tricky for a three year old to gauge the strength at which to pull a cracked egg apart. So Hublet held one and Goblin whacked it with the back of a knife to crack it, then Hublet poured the contents in a jug for him and he whisked it up with a fork.
I showed Goblin the gas hob and explained that it was really hot and he needed to keep his hands away from the flame and pan. After I poured the oil in and heated it a while I put Goblin's steps down and he climbed up and poured the egg in. He watched the egg bubble as it cooked.
When the edges of the egg were starting to brown slightly Goblin added the other ingredients. Then I folded the omelette in half and we left it to cook a little longer.
Finally I slid the omelette onto the plate. I'd have let Goblin do it but our skillet has a ridiculous metal handle that heats up (design fail!). Goblin finished the exercise by gobbling the lot - with ketchup - yummy!

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  1. I can still cook the things my mom taught me, like French Bread Pizza with giant pepperonis. Unfortunately, I haven't progressed much beyond that. I'm lucky I married a master chef!

  2. Love that you're starting young and the cardboard on the cheese is genius! (I might even use that for me. I got a new grater for Christmas and took a good chunk out of my finger last week).

  3. It's not only important that they know recipes when they grow up, but that they know that they can do anything that they want. You are teaching them both. It's wonderful. Love the grater idea!


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