Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Christmas Tag

I have been tagged by Fiona from CoombeMill in a Christmas meme. This looks like fun so I thought I'd join in and share some Christmas cheer. So here goes:

Q1. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
I think my favourite thing about Christmas is actually the anticipation. The build up to Christmas. Seeing the lights going up in the shopping streets, hearing the carols and Christmas songs being played on the radio, seeing the ubiquitous coca cola advert. It all adds to the excitement. Even if you end up having a pretty pants Christmas day the buildup is always exciting. 

Q2. What's your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I don't really do makeup. The most I ever do is a bit of eye shadow. I used to do face glitter but even that is a bit of an effort now. But I do dye my hair and it has some rather festive red bits in it at the moment. 

Q3. Real or fake tree?
As much as I love the smell of real trees I can't be doing with all that going, buying, struggling to get it home, trying to prop it up in some type of bucket full of sand, it falling over and you ending up having to tether it with guy ropes to the furniture only to have every single last pine needle fall off the day after Christmas. Give me fake plastic durable, easily packed away tree any day - well at least Christmas day. 

Q4. Giving presents or receiving them?
I love giving presents. I love thinking about what to get people and trying to get something suitable. I love wrapping them and I love watching people open them. This year I also bought quite a few through Oxfam, so as well as enjoying the art of giving I get to feel smug that I also helped someone in the developing world. Its nice to get some presents but the giving is way more fun for me.

Q5. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
We open stockings first thing on Christmas morning (on my parents bed if we are at my folks home - which Hublet finds rather strange). We leave the big presents to open after Christmas lunch in the afternoon. This year I have stuck pictures of the aunts, uncles, nanny etc on the presents so Goblin can be Santa's little helper and give them out to the right people (he can't read the labels). I got the idea from   AE Photography.

Q6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
Er neither! We don't send cards. Your good friends you see often and those you don't see so much aren't going to notice if you don't send a card. I quite like getting cards but not enough to warrant actually sending any. 
Q7. What's your favourite Christmas film? 
Die hard followed by Die hard 2. Is that not everyones favourite Christmas film? And if not why not? That said we did watch Elf with Goblin last night and I'd forgotten how sweet it is. I was filled with Christmas cheer. 

Q8. What's your favourite Christmas food?
oh you mean I have to choose one thing. hmmm. I do like trifle and Christmas is the only time we eat it. But I am fussy and I don't like any of that cake nonsense in the bottom of my trifle so my mum has to make me my own personal trifle. Which she does because despite everything she still loves me.

Now I am going to tag a bunch of folks who are my lovely friends as well as brilliant bloggers, but I'm giving them a get out of jail free card because its getting really close to Christmas so if they don't have time to do this thats cool by me and I hope its cool by you. Either way you shoudl stop by and say hi and check out what they are up to. 

All the photos in this post are from Taming the Goblin's Instagram album. You can find it in the side bar of the blog. 


  1. Wow super big thanks for including us! I'll try my best to get it done :)

  2. A great insight into your Christmas. I'm glad I am not the only one who doesn't bother with Christmas cards, I still do a few to those family and old friends I rarely see but that it is it! Those I see and care about most I will wish Happy Christmas too personally, by phone, or on line anyway. I love the photo idea on the Christmas presents, that is inspired, we spent years of the children having to bring them to us to read who they were for, now it is still an issue but only because my hand writing is poor! Thank you for carrying on the meme, I have no idea who started it but it is a lovely one for Christmas!


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