Monday 3 December 2012

Come rain or shine.

(Goblin is 37 months)

Goblin is very much an 'all weather' child, so when he woke up this morning asking to go to the sandpit I said yes before even looking out the window - in fact looking out the window wouldn't have helped as it was 6am and pitch black out side. As it happens it had been raining cats and dogs all night and it was still raining ..... but that didn't stop us.
Some folks will look out the window, see rain and write the day off as a bust. But I think kids miss out on a lot if they only go out when the weather is fine. 
Of course if you don't dress for the weather you will have  miserable time of it. I recently invested in some thermal underwear for Goblin and today was definitely a thermals day. So he wore long johns, and thermal top, jeans, T-shirt, jumper, waterproof dungarees, and anorak. He was pretty toasty. And I made sure I had my wellies, tights under my jeans and lots of top layers to keep me toasty too. 
We do have glove issues. Its not that Goblin won't wear them, he will. But the woollen ones are much easier to put on but get wet really quickly. However the waterproof ski ones are much more difficult to put on and Goblin can't pull his breaks when he's wearing them. If anyone has any suggestions for gloves that are easy for small kids please let me know.
The rain wasn't constant and we managed to make it down to the sand pit without getting too wet. But then Goblin discovered that the sandpit was more like a pond. And the "pond" was covered in ice! Goblin used the big metal digger to smash the ice. And when that didn't work he resorted to picking it up and stamping on it. It didn't take too long for Goblin to realise that picking up ice with your bare hands made your hands pretty cold! So we resorted to some other activities instead.
Like climbing the sand tower; sliding down the slide - which he did at speed with his waterproof trousers on - launching off the bottom; crossing the wobbly bridge and pretending to eat wood chips in the wooden huts.
And of course he couldn't resist the water structures.

I will  be sharing this with
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall  


  1. Tights under jeans are a must for park trips at this time of year!

  2. Oh you're right I do 'approve' - it's a good one. I'm afraid I haven't yet solved the gloves issue either, we have ordinary woolly ones & waterproof ones but the latter are hard to keep on as they restrict movement. Think this may be my favourite post EVER!! Kierna

  3. So fun! It was raining yesterday and I practically had to drag my son outside. It was fun for 5 minutes before he wanted to go back in - maybe I need to dress him better for it.

  4. Bobo has Spider-Man action gloves that came with a costume. They are water-proof, warm and easy to get on. Maybe look at a thrift shop for superhero gloves?

  5. Loved this! We've definitely reaped the benefits of investing in some outdoor clothing for the boys AND us, I feel the cold way more than they do. No glove solution though, if you find some that work let me know!

  6. I think I may have found my glove solution. Sainsburys are selling 2 pairs of woollen gloves for £2.50. At that price I can buy a bunch of them and just swap out gloves every time they get wet.

    1. Primark are 2 for £1 so you just can't go wrong!

  7. What a lovely post and well done on getting out in this miserable weather, I can see the numbers on happy family times and Country Kids reducing at the moment. With the sensible approach you have to clothing winter outdoor fun is wonderful and bracing.We certainly feel better for it! As for the gloves we have all the same issues, the practical ones restrict movement so I go for a few pairs of woollen ones and accept they need drying. I am guessing this one is destined for Saturday coming on Country Kids?

  8. I look forward to the day when I leave my playschool job and can be more agreeable to playing outside in all weather... right now it is just too much trouble to bundle up several little two year olds lol Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! (Oh I wonder if I can find woolen gloves for cheap in the US?)

  9. Thanks for adding this to the link up it is perfect! We have the Tesco gloves & yes most days we have 26 pairs in the drier after a morning of fun! Kierna

  10. Awesome wet fun. I'm unfortunately not always that brave but try my best as with the good old Scottish weather you may never get out!

  11. I'm all for kids having fun whatever the weather and you have got some lovely photos. I discovered thermals a couple of years ago and have never looked back :)


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