Friday 26 October 2012

Nature Nursery and Sex Education!

(Goblin is 36 months)
We went to nature nursery this week. They are doing lots of building work on the farm preparing for opening a Steiner (Waldorf) kindergarden.
This was great news for the kids who enjoyed knocking over the traffic cones and then playing in the ditch they were supposed to be protecting. Goblin and Elfin played for at least half an hour throwing clods of mud from the ditch to the puddles beyond. 
They did take a short break to feed the sheep
And we walked down to see the cows. One of the cows was in season - according to our Farmer the cows are fertile for one day a month. On this day the bull gets to 'hop on'. I was really hoping we'd see this taking place. I want Goblin to be able to see the act of insemination in animals because I want to educate Goblin as early as possible about sex, and making babies. I want him to learn the basics before it becomes embarrassing, so that it doesn't become embarrassing. I'd like him to understand it in such normal terms that it is as matter of fact as other functions like how your lungs work to oxygenate blood. 

Unfortunately the bull didn't want to share his intimate moments with us.

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  1. My husband and I were talking about having our older daughter watch an animal birth so she can learn about how babies are born. I think it is a good way to introduce it to them. It would be neat to see the finished Kindergarten!

  2. I am so excited for you that they are making a Steiner kindy!! And I love how the kids at nature nursery get to roam freely :-) I'd never really thought to introduce sex education before it gets to that embarrassing age... Interestingly, Dino Boy has asked me about how babies get in their mum's tummy a couple of times recently (we have lots of friends having babies!). I think I gave a rather inadequate answer, about how this can happen when a mum and a dad love each other (yes I know this is incredibly simplistic and not even accurate for some!). The answer did seem to satisfy his curiosity though. But will give this approach some thought :-)

  3. Oh well, you can't have it all!

  4. I agree it's easier to explain when they're young and watching animals. I love the pond and our toads for that. lol Did you read the post over at "Parenting with Crappy Pictures" recently about the monkeys at the zoo? HILARIOUS! Ok, I had to go and get you the link, because it's too funny NOT to share. I dare you to read it without laughing out loud.
    Thanks so much for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party this week, Rae!

  5. I'm intrigued by your approach. My boys are too young to even be curious about where babies come from but I like the idea of it not being embarrassing. That being said, I need to have a conversation with my husband about how we are going to approach this topic and we're going to have to come to some agreement. The other day as I was helping my son use the bathroom I used the word penis and my husband flipped and said I should say wienie or some other term. I didn't see anything wrong with my approach so we're obviously going to have to talk more.

    1. Yes it does help if you are on the same page as your partner. Hublet and I are both in agreement about being very open and matter of fact about sexual matters.

  6. I love the way Goblin is so at home with the animals, a week on the farm here at Coombe Mill and there will be plenty of opportunity for basic sex ed in a totally natural environment. This is how all my children learned the basics and nothing coming from school was a surprise to them at all. I remember Theo about age 7 when he was responsible for the rabbits coming home from locking them up one evening and telling his Dad there was a boy rabbit in with the girls. Dad "are you sure?" Theo "Yes, I saw them doing 'the thing'" Thanks for sharing your lovely farm pics on Country Kids, looks like a great day out even if the animals didn't perform for you.

  7. The last line is hilarious. We have had that opportunity with huge tortoises. Did you know that a male tortoise says "Wow" in the midst of it. Seriously, he does! E had no interest in watching their escapade despite the male making quite a show of it with his vocalizations.

  8. What a great way to teach Sex Ed :) x


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