Thursday 23 August 2012

Kids Co-op Link Up

Its Kids Co-op time again. Please link up your posts and take a look at what others have contributed. Don't forget to leave a comment if you like what you see, everybody loves comments. Here is what I am linking up this week.
Pirate Party Invitations
(Goblin is 34 months)
Its Goblin's birthday in October and I decided to be very organised and send out invitations nice and early. He is having a pirate themed birthday - and it would appear so is every other 3 year old in the northern hemisphere but who said I had to be original. I wanted to do hand made invites with the details of the party printed out and stuck inside. And fortunately I had a bunch of black ready folded card left over from when we made our own wedding invitations over 7 years ago - Yes that is how much of a craft horder I am *hangs head in shame*.
After trawling the googles I found a decent picture of a pirate galleon and copied it into some card and cut it out with a craft knife. This actually took several attempts to work out how much detail I could put in before the cutting became impossible. My master plan was to then get Goblin to sponge the paint onto the Invitations. But Goblin had other plans. His painting desires focussed on emptying approximately half of our entire paint supply onto a piece of paper and smooshing it about.
So I did the sponging. You'll notice some have a little additional white bit under the boat - the first time I did this it was a mistake where I went over the card, but afterwards I quite liked it - it looked like the moon reflecting the boat onto the sea - so then I did it on purpose for some of the others.
While they dried, at Goblin's request I painted him. It was during this episode that I realised that Goblin sees painting as a sensory exercise rather than a creative one. Once I'd come to terms with this I was a lot less annoyed that he'd used up all the blue sparkly paint by mixing it with BLACK! (OK when I say a lot less annoyed that does not directly equate to not annoyed at all).
After Goblin had dried I added glitter and moon crescents (to the cards, not to Goblin, although I'm sure he wouldn't have objected). Again this had been planned as a Goblin based activity but you know what toddlers are like when you actually want them to participate! So I did it myself and was quite proud of my finished results.
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  1. This comment might seem a bit daft, but you've just made a whole lot of sense to me about my kids behaviour! I'd always just took their wanting to paint themselves more than the paper as bad behaviour, but your comment about sensory versus creative was a bit of a lightbulb moment! Cheers!

    1. yeah it took me a while to work it out too. But once you see it like that I found i got a lot less stressed out.

  2. Your invitations look great! Goblin is going to have a great b-day!

  3. I love the pirate invitations, what a great idea!

  4. those turned out sooo cute! they caught my eye at Sun Scholars immediately because Bear is having a pirate party next week! how fun! i can't wait to see what all you do!

    1. like i said, it seem sto be ubiquitous for boys aged three. I have found so many great ideas on the internet. Look forward to seeing pics of Bear's party

  5. Love the invitations! I hope your little man has a fantastic birthday.
    I loved so many of the links too. Lots of great ideas in there for end of summer outside play!

  6. Wow they turned out fabulous. Great to make it so "do able" for little hands.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  7. Love the cards. My three year old is mad on pirates too - might have to have a pirate party for her 4th birthday unless she starts going 'pink' (I hope not!)

    I know what you mean about mixing colours of paint etc. The five yr old is mad on face painting so we have some nice face paints and the three yr old destroys them. There's one teeny pot of silver glitter paint and she's used almost the whole pot spreading it over her face, mixing the other colours in *cry* I try not to be annoyed too, as the results are cute (even if the face washing after isn't fun...) :-)

  8. Your pirate invitations look great! And I love the extra painting =-) What a fun memory for you two! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week =-)

  9. Love the pirate invitation. My 4yr is all into pirates. (Momma's Fun World)


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