Friday, 3 August 2012

Kids Co-op link up

Its Kids Co-op time again. Please link up your favourite kid orientated activities and have a look at what everyone else has linked up. Here is what I am linking up this week:
Construction on the beach
(Goblin is 33 months)
Normally at the beach Goblin likes to fill his bucket with sand, pat it down and upturn it to get a little sand castle. Then he takes pleasure in stomping on it and starting again. But while we were in Wales Goblin and Hublet embarked on a major sandcastle construction. It started when Hublet asked Goblin to find some shells to decorate his sand castles. 
As Hublet built a full circle of castles Goblin fetched seaweed. It was long stringy seaweed that looked like spinach linguini. Goblin called it spaghetti or more specifically "Ghetti". 
Hublet built a wall of protective rocks around the castles and Goblin added more 'Ghetti battlements. 
And finally they dug a moat around the entire thing. 
And then we waited for the sea to come in. We wanted to see how well the battlements would hold up 
The rocks held up pretty well but the 'Ghetti washed away pretty fast. Lesson for Goblin - when under siege it is better to hide in a castle made of rocks than one made of seaweed. 
And now for the Linky
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  1. What super sand castles :-) And your boots are so cute!

  2. This looks like so much fun, the simple things are usually the best, thanks for adding this to the link up


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