Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kids Co-op link up (#7 for me)


Its that time of the week. If you have been up to something fun please link up so we can all see. If you are feeling in need of inspiration then take a look at some of the fab ideas linked up already.
Here is what I will be linking up this week:
(Goblin is 30 months)
Goblin and I have fallen into a routine which, on my days with him, involves coming down stairs at 6am and watching two hours of Dora the Explorer while I defrost my brain with strong coffee. In a nod towards "Screen Free Week" I decided to try and change things up by ensuring Goblin had an activity to do as soon as he came down stairs in the morning. So I made him a moonscape. 
I took a bag of split peas and a bag of beans and sprayed them silver - this took a lot longer than I thought it would because I kept having to rake them over to find the ones that hadn't got sprayed. I stuck them under the extractor fan on our cooker all day so they didn't gas us (I learnt my lesson after my experience with our robot costume).
In the mean time I made a moon buggy - Dumper truck covered in tin foil. Not beautiful but was probably the thing Goblin liked the best!

I made astronauts - I printed out photos of me, Hublet and Goblin and stuck them on toilet rolls. You probably can't see from the picture but I made Hublet out of a kitchen roll so he is taller and Goblin is shorter.
I made a rocket - plastic cup with craft foam top and wings and duct tape windows. It opens so that Goblin can fill it with moon rocks or toilet roll astronauts.
 And I made moon martians out of playdough, googley eyes and pipecleaners.
I also sprinkled some magnetic M letters amongst the moon rocks (couldn't resist a teeny bit of educational stuff - M is for moon, martian and mummy astronaut). I left the tray out over night so that when Goblin came down he'd find it.
And he did find it. We played with the rocket launching astronauts and counting down "3, 2, 1 blast off". I forgot to mention I'd also printed off 1 - 3 on cards so I could hold them up as we counted down - another sneaky bit of learning.
Goblin loved it and got all his vehicles so he could load them up with moon rocks. Through out the day he revisited the tray and did a bit more scooping. He also fed some moon rocks to the martians. 
And so to the linky!

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  1. We have a moon box, too, this month. Your's is WAY better. I know you're going screen free, but we just watched Go, Diego, Go! Moon rescue and loved it. We've been Dora fans for awhile, so trying something new.

    1. Ah I may have given the wrong impression, I am not strong enough to go screen free, so we were just trying to cut it down a bit (and I'm trying to stop using my smart phone when I should be playing) so I will definitely be checking out that episoe - we just got US netflix and I think it has all the episodes. yey!

  2. Your mornings sound a lot like ours! Just substitute Dora with Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba. The coffee and brain defrosting are identical. ;) I'm in awe that you just whipped this up one night! You are so creative. This tub is all kinds of wonderful. I'm going to feature it on my blog next week as one of my faves from this week's link up.

  3. Oh this is awesome! I love every detail. I really need to get to bed, or I'd start making a moon box. My boys will go nuts when I make one. I need a ton of coffee to function. We don't do TV, but I make myself get up before the boys come out of their room, so I can drink a cup (or three) before I need to care for them.

  4. Hi again, just popping back to let you know that although I said I'd be featuring this as one of my faves on my blog this week, I wasn't able to because it wasn't linked up. So sorry about that! I shared it on the Co-op's FB wall instead. Love love love this play scene! (Especiallly the astronauts)

    1. Ness, it's number 73. But thanks for fairing it on the fb wall anyway. And thanks for thinking of us.

  5. I love this. We've been making loo roll aliens today but my girls will love the idea of loo rool versions of us going into space!

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